5 Crazy Things to do in New Jersey


There are plenty of well-known attractions to enjoy in New Jersey, including a visit to Cape May, Thomas Edison National Historical Park, Princeton, and Battlefield State Park. They are each fantastic places to visit but what are some of the crazier things you can do in New Jersey? Below you will find 5 crazy things to do in New Jersey, beginning with a night on the boardwalk.

Atlantic City remains a wonderful place to visit for those wanting a high-quality casino experience. According to gamble-usa.com, the Borgata is one of the best casinos to visit in AC, and you will find a vast range of slot games to enjoy. However, you are not restricted to just one casino, and you can stroll along the Atlantic City boardwalk, stopping in the casinos of your choice and play games. There are also many restaurants and bars for refreshments and if you are feeling brave, you could even have a dip in the ocean.

When considering where to stay in New Jersey, you may wish to opt for something a little different and the Pachyderm Pad is a crazy place to stay. Lucy is a 65-foot-tall elephant situated just south of Atlantic City and has been on the scene since the 1880’s. Despite being called Lucy, the elephant is male and has been restored to his former glory in recent years. It is possible to take a tour of the elephant but for the full experience, you can book to stay in the elephant, which is complete with two bedrooms and a bathroom.

For those who enjoy art, especially sculptures, a crazy trip to New Jersey is not compete without a visit to the “To the Struggle Against World Terrorism” sculpture. This is located at Bayonne’s former Military Ocean Terminal and was a gift from Vladimir Putin and the Russian people to show solidarity in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. However, despite the good intentions, the tear drop design has had its fair share of controversy, including the fact many people believe it looks like an intimate part of the male anatomy. Jersey City rejected the monument, but it stands until this day.

On the Atlantic coast of the United States, you will find the Delaware river and this passes through four states, including New Jersey. In the summer months, you can enjoy the views from the river as you float along the water on a giant inflatable thanks to Delaware River Tubing. However, the main attraction of the river is the Hot Dog Man. The floating hot dog stand has become famous in the area and there are even floating tables so you can enjoy your food without getting it wet. Rafting, kayaking, and canoeing is also available, but we recommend relaxing on an inflatable and calling in to the Hot Dog Man for the best experience.

Finally in our review of 5 crazy things to do in New Jersey we come to Diggerland. If you have ever seen the huge diggers located at construction site and wondered what it would be like to have a go, wonder no more because Diggerland is here. The theme park is full of construction machinery, and you can have a go in all of them. There are bulldozers, excavators, and loaders among the vast array of vehicles and kids are allowed to ride with adults if over a specified height. It is even possible to race in some of the smaller vehicles plus in the summer months, Diggerland has a waterpark, making it perfect for all the family.