Gambling in Goa!!

2nd Apr 2019
Day 1

I am going to Describe my experience of Gambling in Goa. The city of Panjim has a lot to offer but one of the best things it has is CASINO'S. Just as you enter Panjim you can see several Ships anchored on the Mandovi River. Thats where you can spot Deltin  Royale Casinos,Deltin Jaqk, Deltin Caravela, Casino Pride 1, Casino Pride 2 and several other cruise Ships.
The entry ticket for Deltin Royale is 4000rs per Couple , in which you get 2000rs worth of chips which you have to gamble inside the casino.
Deltin jaqk on the other hand has 2500rs Male Stag entry and you get 1500rs worth of gambling chips and Female entry is 2000rs and you get 1000rs worth gambling chips.
I dont know about the other casinos but you can find it on their official website plus the rates vary according to the time of the year you visit. Its pretty high during October to December and moderate during the summer season, I visited in the month of April.
Many guys approach you to come to their cruise and stuff, but if you google you could find office address of the respective casinos which are located along the mandovi river and I say thats the safest place to buy your tickets to the casinos
We chose to go to Deltin Jaqk , so in the cruise the lower deck was Reception,Lounge and Kids Area, The first floor was actually the gambling area , the second floor was restaurant and finally the Rooftop was the Bar.

Everything was on the house, the buffet dinner was average and in the bar you could get only basic whiskey brands and beer. Mind you the authority is very strict if you get Drunk and Misbehave you could get thrown out and I have seen a uncle getting thrown out. This article is only text and no Pictures because taking photos was not allowed inside the cruise .Yess!! But i managed to take one photo ,there are Bouncers and Supervisor everywhere and its pretty strict in there and you need to maintain the Decorum. Ok soo I had 1500rs worth of chips to gamble and I tried my luck on Russian Roulette and Black Jack. After 2 hours at the table I managed to get around 13000 rs , yes 13000 Rs but then the dealer was changed . They change your dealer every 1 Hour  I was unable to understand why? My luck changed I guess and I began losing and Finally decided to quit with 7500 rs.
So in a night I earned around 5000rs after deducting the 2500rs that I paid for entry.

Soo I would conclude by saying that if you win its great you will have a great time, but if you lose it would definitely be a terrible Experience. The main attraction is gambling , if you dont want to gamble I would say giving 2500 rs just for dinner and a tour of the cruise is not worth it. There is nothing fancy in the cruise as such.

Photo of Gambling in Goa!! by Venkatesh Kabra