How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair When Travelling?


Source: Beauty Bay

Photo of How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair When Travelling? by Sonal Agarwal

It is not easy to travel and look fabulous all the time. For some, travelling can take a severe toll on their skin and hair. When on a trip, you may ignore and skip the regular skin care regime, but a single breakout and you realise, it was a terrible mistake.

While exploring new destinations, it is essential to take extra care of hair. Excessive travelling can result in rough, dry and unmanageable hair. Don't stress, it all may sound like a daunting task, but using these easy hacks will help you handle your skin and hair in a much better way when travelling.

Here is a list of tips that will help you to protect your hair and skin from travel stress.

1) Protection from the Sun

Travelling can involve a lot of exposure to the Sun. Direct sunlight can be harmful to your skin and hair. Long hours of journeys can make them look dull and lifeless. Therefore, it is necessary to protect yourself from the harmful UV Rays. Make sunscreens and scarves your best friends on any new destination.

2) Moisturising is the key

Moisturising is a vital part of haircare and skincare process. Regular exposure to sunlight, dust and lack of oxygen on the planes can make your skin dry. In order to maintain the oil balance, keep a moisturiser handy. It might just prove to be the perfect travel partner.

Generally when on a trip, people avoid oiling their hair. However, oil acts as a natural anti-absorbent for hair and works wonders. If you have a beach-day ahead, simply apply a liberal amount of oil on the scalp and forget about dryness. Applying oil will protect your hair from chemicals.

3) Avoid makeup or hair styling on a holiday

When travelling, stay away from heat and chemicals. Your hair and skin are already trying to adjust to the new conditions of the place. So, do not compromise them by styling and applying heavy makeup every day on a trip.

4) Do not use the complimentary products

Not every guest house or hotel provides good quality toiletries. So, people with sensitive skin and hair-fall issues should avoid using complementary products. Instead, carry your products in mini containers. There are also options like the solid shampoo bars which could last for months.

5) Avoid hot water

Hot water results in damaged hair. It is also harsh for the body, because it opens up the pores on the skin, consequently allowing them to be an easy target for dust and dirt.

Even though you are on a trip and want to have a good hair day every day, you must not wash your hair daily. It tampers with the Ph Balance of your scalp.

6) Carry the essentials for daytime

Make sure to carry all the essential things you might need for your daytime travel. Things like hat, scarves, umbrellas and wet wipes are useful to protect the skin. Hair accessories like bobby pins and headbands can come in handy throughout the day.

7) Do not skip your routine

Try to stick to your regular skincare and haircare routine as much as possible while travelling. This will prevent sudden breakouts on the face.

8) Keep yourself hydrated

This is the easiest and the most effective way to keep hair and skin healthy. Travelling can be exhaustive, and it is only by eating and drinking right you can sustain yourself throughout a trip.

9)Do your research

Before packing your bags for any trip, do complete research on the destination. It is crucial for you to be aware of the expected climate of the place and accordingly, you can tailor your skincare and haircare routine. For example, if it's going to be extremely cold, then carry products with high moisturising elements.

Are you a regular traveller? How do you balance travelling and skincare? Share your travel tips with us here.