A fairy tale - Valley of flowers

1st May 2016
Day 1
The shimmering flare of the dawn had           camouflaged the blurred shadow of    the twilight,

     Came the infatuated fairy from the                pearly gates of Himalaya’s .

   Embellished with the psychedelic robe          of blissful blue poppy and the him         adorned with the Adam’s ale of                           Pushpawati.

  With silvered tiara of puff ,the fairy             dwells in the  Elysian fields painted             With bizarre buds,

  And the tantalizing charm of her beauty     spins the fables of her wonderland. ~ Rishabh Sinha.

With the ocean of hope in the eyes and  a strong desire to get loaded with the charming  wonderland of fairies ” Valley of Flowers” , I hanged my bag on my back and hit the road to find the angel of my nights. The light of love in my eyes were glittering more than the torches of the sky at that night , when I caught the bus from ISBT Delhi for the Valley of flowers located in the Chamoli district of Gharwal region in Uttrakhand.

It was the month of July and the season of easter was signing the song of dream and the mild wind were setting a romantic background making my voyage to Valley of flowers more romantic.

The  very early morning I reached Joshimath  which was a beautiful and a small town in close proximity to the valley and well connected to the road ways from where I hired a  carriage to Govindghat from where the palace of my fairy was just 17 km away.The sun was playing the game of hide and seek with clouds and the engaging breeze brought the aroma of her presence . I was absurdly excited to see her.

But the way to her palace was not so untroubled. Her palace was perched at an altitude of 3658 metres in the upper expansion of Bhyundar Valley cuddled by the western Himalayas. For all that the restlessness feeling to see her had made my trek no sweat. I reached Ghangaria which was the base camp of the trek and the only human habitation in the area. Now there was mere a difference of 3 km between me and my dreamy angel. It was a thrilling experience .  when  I finally reached the Valley of flowers I could see her and it seems she was also waiting for me. She was adorned with the  colourful attire of rare flowers and the dew drops on the flowers were like the pearls on her attire.  The rays of the sun falling on the drops were shinning like a diamond. The emerald mountain ranges were making her palace and the lush green meadows were like the royal carpet to her palace. The crystal clear water of Pushpawati river ,the white clouds and the rich greenery were fused together as a dream . Yes the Valley of flower was the fairy of my dream.

The Valley of flower is a national park spreading over an area of 87.5 sq.km, enriched with a sundry range of blue and unique collection of flora. The Valley is a world heritage site . The valley was not known by people till 1931 when   mountaineer Frank S.Smith and RL Holdsworth explored this heaven who accidentally reached the place.

The views of the valley of flower was enchanting, bewitched, scintillating , somewhat considerable words to do justice to the panaromic beauty of the valley. The valley of flowers was home to some endangered and rare flowers like blue poppy,Orchids , daisies, cobra lily Brahmakamal and variety of animals.

There was a legend also bracketed with this hypnotizing place that the Hindu Deity Hanuman collected the Sanjeevni booti from here to medicate Lakshman in the epic of Mahabharata. The folks bbelieves that the magical herb of Sanjeevni is still growing in the heart of valley.

The vibrant  colour and the hue of the exotic flowers blooming in the valleys were spreading its fragrance ,the virginal water of the river  and the waterfalls rushing down from the glacial deposits and the gushing of the winds made the Valley of flower a “Abode of fairies” . The valley offered a heart stirring views of Snow covered Himalayas and awe inspiring  landscapes of nature.

I cannot utter my love for my fairy she was extremely gorgeous  It was like a dream  a beautiful dream which came true.