A Trip to Imagica

Photo of A Trip to Imagica 1/1 by Kritika Goel

Don't we all love theme parks? Whether for the rides, the performances or one of the many other attractions that they typically hoause, there's bound to be something for everyone. We went to Imagica on Sunday and sure enough, we had a great time. The rides were quite good though none were particularly scary, not even the haunted house, which was in fact the least scary attraction they had.

Disappointing haunted houses aside, the park had some rides that really shone through. Take for example Ali Baba aur Chalis Chor, for all intents and purposes it's just a video game in real life and it's absolutely brilliant! It's the one we went on the most times. We were also quite fond of the Rajasaurus River Adventure and Deep Space as well. Sadly, their prized rollercoaster, the Nitro, turned out to be rather tame. When it came to the performances, we were pleasantly surprised by Wrath of the Gods, which was an extremely memorable sensory treat.

The food, which makes for an important part of the theme park experience, was really good and we quite enjoyed everything we tried. The whole experience was made even better by the super courteous staff and the availability of much needed amenities, such as bag storage at each ride.

A few disappointments aside, the trip to Imagica was very much worth it and we had an excellent time. What's more, we feel it was total value for money!

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