A wonderfull trip that never happend

10th Nov 2019
Day 1

Wish was  enlightened  that one day will be going to that place on my bike kind of a mini tour because that place is 100km by the distance from my place and i was invited by my friends to come over ..so i had planned this trip since weeks and i got time to put it on to execution and as a first rule.." GET YOUR BIKE CHECKED " . so that's what i did on the first day and got it on road.

Photo of A wonderfull trip that never happend by Milin Parekh
Day 2

So this day was it , i was ready to leave on the morning time by 8 am and  as you know the moment was of Glass  like yes ...if u hold it well it shines ....you break it ?   it's lost . My bag was packed bike was ready so i left. As i said about the Glass Moment Even if you be carefull , by someone's else's mistake it can break.

Yes  My moment got broken ....wait.....It was WRECKED to be precise  .

I was standing at the signal just 500 mtr from my home and i got  hit by a blind car driver ...

Imagine the situation  that i was Steady still on red signal and a Car braking it on 60kmph   hit me up .and inertia played it's role as  I was  flung in the  air almost 4 feet above the ground  . I was frozen in the moment where all my dream to ride it to the place i left for  , was there  and on the other side a shocking reaction....What this person just did.
That driver got beated up by cop standing on cross road as he broke the signal too. I got a swelling on my back , my rib was hit hardly as i fell total parallel to the ground. which i thought  was okay to heal and i stood up and left for home.

The ride was cancelled  and as i got home laid on bed for 30 minutes still i found a swelling on my back the portion which the bagpack hit me when i fell down. it was a 4 days rest on bed where i missed the ride and also the  office work. yes it was near to death experience as i laying on the bed was alright as i knew that it was going to be fine . But the hardest feel was the time i was in the air   when i flung in the midst of the air, yes that was the near to death experience  as at that moment i didn't knew what was going to happen, and yes helmet saved me a lot of good deal of damage.as also my head was second thing to hit the ground. I wish it never happens to you . and Yes do take care of your self by your side and also by other person which may lead to damage of your body. #NearToDeathExperience

Photo of A wonderfull trip that never happend by Milin Parekh