Aksa Beach

Photo of Aksa Beach by Priyam Agarwal

Weekend Getaway from Mumbai

Addressed as the dream city and the economic capital of India, Mumbai witnesses a lot of tourists and immigrants from rest of the country and world. We fall under the second category and I must say, Mumbai has a heart of gold as we feel home already

Photo of Aksa Beach 1/17 by Priyam Agarwal

Sea being the lifeline of the city, Mumbai is home to many beaches, the most famous being the Juhu beach. And it breaks my heart to write this, but it is one of the dirtiest and most crowded beaches you would ever come across. A hot-spot in everyone’s bucket list and a casual go to place for the residents have resulted in a nightmare. But all the beaches are not like that.

Photo of Aksa Beach 2/17 by Priyam Agarwal

Aksa beach is one secluded beach at Mumbai suburb (Malad region) which is hygienic, picturesque and away from tiring city life.

Photo of Aksa Beach 3/17 by Priyam Agarwal
Photo of Aksa Beach 4/17 by Priyam Agarwal

We visited this beach twice because we liked it so much the first time. Families and friends spending quality time, kids playing and pets enjoying is a common sight. You would even spot individuals reading books relishing isolation.

Photo of Aksa Beach 5/17 by Priyam Agarwal
Photo of Aksa Beach 6/17 by Priyam Agarwal
Photo of Aksa Beach 7/17 by Priyam Agarwal
Photo of Aksa Beach 8/17 by Priyam Agarwal

This beach is mainly visited by the locals and does not attract many tourists as it is out of the league of usual touristy spots. Surrounded by lush green coconut trees and clean sand, it’s a perfect place for a weekend getaway or an evening out. There are quite a few resorts and hotels on the beach for those who want to stay.

Photo of Aksa Beach 9/17 by Priyam Agarwal

There are a few more beaches on the same route namely Madh Marve, Daana Pani etc. which are considered good options for beach hopping although we have not been able to visit them yet.

Photo of Aksa Beach 10/17 by Priyam Agarwal


There are numerous vendors and hawkers on the beach selling pav bhaji, vada pav, chaats, puchkas, coconut water, sweet corn, maggi, gola, fruits, candy floss and so much more. So, eat as much as you can.

Photo of Aksa Beach 11/17 by Priyam Agarwal
Photo of Aksa Beach 12/17 by Priyam Agarwal
Photo of Aksa Beach 13/17 by Priyam Agarwal
Photo of Aksa Beach 14/17 by Priyam Agarwal
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How to Reach:

Nearest railway station is Malad on the western railway route, about 10 kms away. Buses and Auto Rickshaws are readily available. Driving private cars to the beach is also a good idea as ample car parking is available.

Photo of Aksa Beach 16/17 by Priyam Agarwal

Know before you go:

1. Carry enough cash, as ATMs are far from the beach.

2. Beach water currents are not friendly and life guards are hardly seen, so swimming is not recommended. There have been drowning cases in the past.

3. There are no washrooms on the beach.

Photo of Aksa Beach 17/17 by Priyam Agarwal
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