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Andaman with a Backpack

26th Feb 2014

That's the best Sunset in Andaman

Photo of Andaman with a Backpack by Shriram Chandak
Photo of Andaman with a Backpack by Shriram Chandak

The most beautiful island in Andaman (Jolly B

Photo of Andaman with a Backpack by Shriram Chandak

No water can be more BLUE than that(NEIL Isla

Photo of Andaman with a Backpack by Shriram Chandak
Photo of Andaman with a Backpack by Shriram Chandak

The Things that made our Trip Special:

1.Beach Facing Hotel Location on Havelock Island.

2.Scuba Diving on Elephant Beach

3.Jolly Bouy Island: The most beautiful and the cleanest island i have ever seen so far.

4.Chidiya Tapu: Probably one of the best Sunset locations i have seen.

5.Radhanagar Beach:As it is known the best beach in ASIA, it's worth the money.

On the very first day we visited the Famous Historical "Cellular Jail".The Cellular Jail has a sound and light show in the evening chronicling the history of the Indian freedom fighters. When you visit the prison, you'll be able to see the gallows and the areas where the prisoners laboued while incarcerated. Getting to know the history behind it we were set for the next destination.
Ohh probably this is the best and most happening place on Andaman Islands.This is like Florida of US, Goa of India, Ibizza of Spain. Not having probably the night life like one of these places have, but still the serenity of this place makes it more happening.It has one of the best SCUBA diving locations in India and maybe Asia. The colour of the water was "MORE BLUE" than what blue colour is, one can easily see whats down there 20-30 feets in the water. Radhanagar Beach: As soon as we got here, we went up to the beach to take a look. Our jaws literally dropped to the floor. Rated as the No1 Ranked Beach in Asia, it's worth the Money. Elephant Beach: There is this adventure of sitting on the elephant and going underwater, although we were not able to do this because of some unfortunate reasons. Probably of all the Places in Andaman Havelock is the only one having a Great Night Life!!!!
The best Island and the best beach ever!!!!! Reaching to this place is very tough.Only 70 tickets are issued per day , and the people willing to go are 300-400.We knew going there will be very difficult, but out of no where we made some good local friends who helped us to reach this place. No eatables and no plastic bags are allowed there, we are required to deposit everything before leaving for JOLLY BUOY Island. After reaching there , then we came to know why is this one of the MOST beautiful ISLAND of Andaman. The cleaniness of the beach and the colour of the water makes it more app. The only place in andaman where we could see Star Fish....
This is the Most Isolated Island on the Andamans. The water as its name signifies , is of such a colour that we might think someone has just poured BLUE ink inside the entire ocean.WOOW It has the most undisputed flora and fauna in the Andamans.
As soon as you reach the location u come to know that some serious environment damage has happend at this place.Ya the damage is that, the 2005 Tsunami was hit at this place the first and it had seriously damaged the place. Chidiya Tapu, well known for its rich collection of birds, white spotted deer and orchids, draws many visitors, and is a perfect place for nature lovers. The place also offers excellent sites for snorkeling. The best thing about this place is its "SUNSET VIEW".One of the best sunsets i have ever seen in my Life.The colour of the SKY while it starts becoming dark and the calmness of the place makes it SERENE!!!!
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