Best five monsoon places near Pune

15th Aug 2014

On the way to ..Varandha Ghat...

Photo of On the way to ..Varandha Ghat... by mayuri

Tamhini Ghat...:)

Photo of Tamhini Ghat...:) by mayuri

Tamhini Ghat.....

Photo of Tamhini Ghat..... by mayuri

Farm... :)

Photo of Farm... :) by mayuri

Tapola- near mahabaleshwar

Photo of Tapola- near mahabaleshwar by mayuri

Lawasa--- :)

Photo of Lawasa--- :) by mayuri


Photo of Laawasa.... by mayuri

Lohagad Fort...

Photo of Lohagad Fort... by mayuri
Photo of by mayuri

Varangha Ghat...

Photo of Varangha Ghat... by mayuri

Five best places in monsoon - Tamhini Ghat, Varandha Ghat, Lawasa, Lohagad Fort, Tapola.

All these places are near to Pune.

I have started my journey  from Pune.... In a day, i had covered a two places which was nearer to Pune and next day other three places.

Weather was awesome in monsoon time.... and every one can enjoy the road trip with so many waterfall and greenery around you.