Champaka Sarasi #monsoondrive #Shivamogga


History says that the Queen of Keladi who was facing public accusations was heartbroken and had committed suicide here. In her memory, the King of Keladi, Venkatappa had built the Champaka Sarasi pond with stone.

Champaka Sarasi - Near Shimoga

Photo of Champaka Sarasi, Malandur, Karnataka, India by Rj

The King had married the beautiful young girl named Champaka who was from a lower caste at the Anandapura fort. She was accused of wrongdoings by the citizens of the state and when the King also had come to believe that, she was heartbroken and committed suicide by drinking diamond powder mixed with milk. Later when the King came to realise that he misunderstood his queen due to the citizens, he erected the monument to express his everlasting love for Champaka.

Framed - Champaka Sarasi

Photo of Champaka Sarasi #monsoondrive #Shivamogga by Rj
Photo of Champaka Sarasi #monsoondrive #Shivamogga by Rj

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