Chandigarh By Road 

20th Oct 2018
Day 1

we have been planning this road Trip for 2 years, finally ,it materialized on Oct 20.

Against my will of leaving early morning and utilizing second half of day for sightseeing in Chandigarh , we left around 3 pm. we decided to go via delhi (West Delhi -> GTK ->Panipat).

Just before leaving Delhi ,we got our CNG . since had just had lunch before leaving ,we did not stop for any snacks post that .

We took just one stop at Mayur Dhaba, after driving for 150+ Kms from our last CNG stop.this place is neat and clean and has good options ,we got ourselves some quick snacks and started again on road .the plan was to reach our hotel and then have dinner .

The entire drive was a smooth affair barring a few hiccups owing to development related road diversions on the way .we reached our hotel in Sec-18 around 9:30 and after dinner ,called the day off (now ,I appreciated the idea of keeping the day only for road journey and no sightseeing).

Day 2

Good morning Chandigarh ,the place I have been hearing so much about ,the place known for its planning ...yay,I am here .we got ready after a hearty breakfast of Paneer paranthas and got back in the car.

First stop ,CNG station in sector-17 (might sound funny ,but it's better to get it filled first thing in the morning ,after that there are long queues).


Now we proceeded to Gurudwara Guru Teg Bahadur jee (in sec 34). Being a Sunday and a marriage function ,there was more sangat than usual . Beautiful Gurudwara Sahib with a divine feel.

Next we headed towards the Japanese Garden in sec 31( Chandigarh is famous for its beautiful parks ,too) .A big garden with few huge swings , stone Dinosaurs ,loads of greenery , Japanese style minarets and small bridges . if you are with kids ,they will love this open place for running around .It also has a small canteen and other facilities inside the park .After enjoying a good hour or so ,we decided to move on .

Photo of Japanese Garden Road, 31B, Sector 31, Chandigarh, India by Gurpreet

After running around the park with a kid ,it was time to relax and enjoy a hearty ,next stop 'Sindhi sweets '@ sec 17 market .if you are from del/NCR ,you can very well relate the experience to OM sweets . awesome food ,neat and clean place ,a casual fun-filled Ambience.And spl.mention of their Punjabi food ( chholey ,Dal makhani) ,everything was like finger-licking good .And they have something for everyone ,be it bakery for kids ,chaat corners or proper meals .one stop for enjoying a hearty meal

A drive in Chandigarh is an experience in itself , neat and clean roads with no traffic jams .And with all places being in small vicinity ,it's actually a good idea to explore the place in own vehicle.

Since we were traveling with a kid ,this was a must stop .It has a nice collection of dolls from around the world including beautiful displays of world famous stories like Ramayan. would suggest to spend a quiet hour or so here and let your kid enjoy the colorful world of cultures and tales.

Photo of International Dolls Museum, 23B, Sector 23, Chandigarh, India by Gurpreet

Aha , hold your imagination .If you have seen Delhi traffic park and are assuming the kinds here ,then give your assumptions a rest .It's a big park with some good rides and an elevated road to learn driving.Done.

Finally , time for Boating .wait ,isn't that what a lake offers ?

Surprise ,this place is more than that .It's a small fest that has rides and games , small play area (like the ones we find in malls) ,horse rides ,beach side like stalls for food ,sketch artists ,road side golgappas and of course Boating options. A good place to spend evenings at leisure .a good 2-3 hours will be good for this place

Sec17 market ,okkk ...Are we doing shopping already ? No ,time for some Tafri ...

A mastti show of lights and water ,with some street food under the open skies . relax.

And before you leave ,time to go full time shopping .Bagh/phulkarj/tila work is everywhere be it dresses,furnishings or jutti's ,try to find some for yourself

Time to wrap up day2 with some Punjabi food for dinner .

Our next stop ,a hotel in Zirakpur.Owing to some commitments ,we decided to stop in Zirakpur for the night

Day 3

Yummylicious start of the day .hot upma and dosa's.And we are ready to start the day.

Just under 10 kms ,Zirakpur to panchkula .Gurdwara Nada sahib is easily accessible by road.The areas around the Gurdwara sahib are being developed as some IT park ,hence the back entrance seems a bit hidden . At the time of our visit ,the main hall of gurdwara sahib was under construction.

On the way back ,next stop was this mall.Although limited but good options for food and shopping.can spend a good 2 hours here .post this ,we decided to relax and move back to hotel.there are few historic Gurudwarsas around ,that you can explore ,though

Good food Punjabi dhaba side .they also have different floors for family people and drinking crowd to make you comfortable .

Day 4

Got up and decided to go back to Chandigarh (you can cover these in Day3 itself before moving out of Chandigarh).

Well ,this place happened because of a small mistake in trying to setup my GPS for rock garden .well, I am glad I did this goof-up.

This place is totally worth a visit .music ,open park and good milkshakes/ice cream/lassi .A good picnic spot

The very famous rock garden. it's totally worth a visit .It has a huge garden with waterfall, full length swings ,mirror room ,mini doll museum , canteen and loads of creativity all around to name a few things here .keep a good 2-3 hours to explore this place .

Photo of Rock Garden, Sector 1, Chandigarh, India by Gurpreet
Photo of Rock Garden, Sector 1, Chandigarh, India by Gurpreet

Shopping time again.and this is the place to find all good stuff for last minute shopping.

And after enjoying a good Punjabi meal ,it's time to say bye bye to Chandigarh .(If you still have time ,try covering hand monument )

If you leave by 3ish ,you can easily reach back gurgaon by 9:30(even after including a halt for food/tea)

Anyone would love Chandigarh ,it is one of the most beautiful ,neat and clean and organized places around ...