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3rd Jul 2017

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Photo of Chitrakoot - Exploring Traces of Lord Ram by Yuvraj AtharavRaj Singh Yadav
Day 1

Chitrakoot, The Divine City is situated on the Shores of the Holy River, Mandakini, in Satna District, in the State of Madhya Pradesh. The Divine City is a Medley or a Mixture of Traditions, Gods, Spiritualism & Devoutness with Gushing Streams, Scenic Waterfalls, Lush Green Forests and Artistically Sculpted Temples. The Morning in Chitrakoot starts with a Call of " Jai Shree Ram ", which Infiltrate the Surrounding and makes one Closer to the God.

According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Ramji, Mata Sita, and LakshmanaJi stayed in the Forest of Chitrakoot. This is the Reason, Chitrakoot is a Place of Religious Knowledge, Learning and Purification. The Chitrakoot Forests were also Trusted to be the Residence of many Holy Saints.

The List of Must Visit Places in Chitrakoot is Long, which adds up much more than just Spiritual Places. It's a Place consisting Wildlife Parks to Historical Monuments, River Ghats, Forts and many more. Chitrakoot is the Perfect Destinations, if you AIM to Follow the Indian Culture.

Let's Explore the Major Destinations to Visit while Touring Chitrakoot:

Places to Visit

Gupt Godavari is the Den from where the Holy River Godawari was believed to Originate as a Stream. At the Entrance, You Can Observe the Attractive Engravings of Lord ShivaJi, Lord Vishnu & Lord Brahma, being Engraved. It’s an Eminent Feel to take a Walk around the Caves paddling via the Water and Watching at the Naturally Forged Caves as a Marvel of Mother Nature.

The Origin or Derivation of the Water in the Caves remains Mysterious, which makes this Place more Attractive and Interesting for the Travellers.

Timings : 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Entry Charges : Free

Location : Gupt Godawari Gufa, Chitrakoot

In Hindu Mythology, Ram Ghat is trusted to be the Holy Spot, as Lord RamJi, LakshamanaJi and Mata Sita took a Dip in the Holy River, Mandakini. Ram Ghat is considered as the Major Site for the Photography Enthusiasts to capture the Culture of India and Attracts thousands of Spiritual Followers.

Many Tourists and Explorers takes a Boat Ride to View and Enjoy the Scenic Beauty and the Picturesque of Spirituality.

Timings : Open 24×7

Entry Charges : Free

Location : RatnaWali Marg

Hanuman Dhara is a Gushing Spring sited on a Hill. It is the Major Chitrakoot Site as it comprises of Many Temples, which attracts the Devotees and Tourists. This Place also attracts the Adventure Seekers by providing the Steep Climbing of 360 Steps.

According to the Hinduism, The Spring was made by Lord RamJi to provide Relief to Lord HanumanJi, When He Returned from Lanka by Setting Fire. It’s a Perfect Attraction for Nature Lovers.

Timings : 12 PM to 5 PM

Entry Charges : Free

Location : Keshavgarh, Kila Bagh, Chitrakoot

Day 2

As the Name itself Describes, It is considered as the Spot, where Bharat came to Meet Lord RamJi, to Induce him to Get Back to Ayodhya. The Temple consists the Footprints of Lord RamJi and His Brother on the Rock.

Entry Charges : Free Timings : 4:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Location : Kamadgiri Hill, Chitrakoot

Kamadgiri Hills is a Forest Mountain encircled by several Temples.

The Place is known for providing the Stay to Lord RamJi, Mata Sita and LakshmanaJi and here Lord BrahmaJi Directed Havan for the Origin of the Universe. The Scenic Nature of this Place helps the Devotees to Spend some time Sitting and Relaxing.

Entry Charges : Free

Timings : 4:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Location : Kamta Mohalla, Sitapur, Chitrakoot

Day 3

In the Religious Text of Hinduism, Janaki Kund is found to be the Holy Place as it is Favourite Bathing Spot of Goddess Sita Mata, amid the Period of Expulsion. It is sited on the Shores of the River Mandakini. Janaki Kund offers a Tranquil Experience of Spirituality.

Entry Charges : Free

Timings : 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Location : On the Shores of Rivers Mandakini, Chitrakoot

Sphatik Shila is the Popular Site as it holds the Mythological Importance. This Place is believed to be the Place, where Lord RamJi with Mata Sita used to Come, Relax and Admire the Beauty of Nature. One can witness the Lord RamJi's Footprint on the Smooth Rock. The Place provides a Fascinating View of River Mandakini and a Raw Nature.

Entry Charges : Free

Timings : 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Location : Janki Kund, Chitrakoot

Day 4

Matha Gajendranath Shiv Temple is Sited besides the Shores of the Holy River, Mandakini on Ram Ghat. You can Explore the Unexplored Facets of the Rich Culture in the Temple, which will Magnifies your Overall Experience.

Timings : Open 24×7

Entry Charges : Free

Location : Ram Ghat, Chitrakoot

Ganesh Bagh is sited on the Karvi-Devangana Road, famously known for its Intricate Sculptures, Beautiful Carvings and Seven Story Baoli. It was Constructed by Vinayak Raj Peshwa, in the 19th Century. The Place offers a Spiritual Trip, showing an Admirable Reflection of the Temples of Khajuraho, by a Virtue of Architecture.

Entry Charges : Free

Timings : 5:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Location : Chitrakoot Dham

Day 5

Panna National Park is sited in the District of Panna & Chattarpur, in the State of Madhya Pradesh. The Park is Officially Honoured as the 22nd Tiger Reserve of India and covers the 5th Position in terms of Madhya Pradesh. Panna Tiger Reserve sites besides the Ken River, being found as the Perfectly Maintained and Managed National Parks of India, by the Ministry of Tourism of India. The park also Won the Award of Excellence in 2007.

Timings : 5:30 AM to 6 PM

Distance from Chitrakoot : 105 Km

Location : Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh

Charges : Hinge-On the Type of Safari, you Select.

Kalinjar Fort is a Castle, constructed in the 10th Century, sited in the District of Banda. The Fort Highlighting the Rich Intricate Sculpting's, and Antique Temples. The Fort speaks the Anecdotes of the illustrious past of several Battles in the History that were fought for Occupying the Fort, for the Sake of its Strategic Locations.

Charges : INR 30.

Timings : 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Distance from Chitrakoot : 60 Km.

Location : Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Best Time to Visit

Best Time to Visit Chitrakoot is in Monsoon and Winters. In Monsoon Season, the Showers will lead to a Refreshing Atmosphere and Lush Greener Landscape, which will Excite the Tourists to Explore More Places and Enhance the Enjoyment. Also, In Winter Season, the Weather neither gets Too Cold nor Too Warm. The Temperature Oscillates amid 12 Degrees Celsius & 30 Degree Celsius, which is Perfect to Explore the Places in Chitrakoot.

How to Reach

By Air : The Nearest Airports are Khajuraho (180 KM) & Varanasi (250 KM). You can Hire a Taxi or a Rental Car direct from the Airport to Reach Chitrakoot.

By Rail : The Nearest Railway Station is Karvi (Chitrakoot Dhaam) at the Distance of 10 KM. You can Hire Cabs or take the State Transport Buses to Reach Chitrakoot.

By Road : Chitrakoot is Well-Connected with some Major Cities and Frequent Bus Services are Available from Karvi (10 KM), Satna (80 KM), PrayagRaaj (130 KM), Jhansi (275 KM) and Many Major Cities.

Don't forget to Visit Chitrakoot's In & Around Top Most Attractions like Gupt Godavari Caves, Ram Ghat, Hanuman Dhara, Bharat Milap Mandir, Kamadgiri Mountains, Janaki Kund, Sphatik Shila, Matha Gajendranath Shiva Temple, Ganesh Bagh, Panna National Park and Kalinjar Fort.

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