Confessions Of A Travel Writer

Photo of Confessions Of A Travel Writer 1/1 by Harleen Kalsi

A conduit is needed to drain out the subdued and buried expressions – in an attempt to do so you need to live more than one life, feel more than one feeling and find ecstasy in things when there is none. 

Travelers in my opinion are ordinary thinkers who have been craving for more than required; they are the wander junkies who want to reach out to the unknown. With a purpose or without, traveling is the liquid that dissolves within your bones and vaporizes in the form of mixed emotions. It can burgeon in the form of escape, to escape from the rage and the frustration of boredom or it can lead to a sin that you’d be happy to commit. 

As a budding travel writer, here are some confessions I need to make before my next journey! 

Travel writers embark on an expedition for a story! 

At the heart of every place lies a story, which simply needs a nudge and then a pen to frame it into an ever-lasting memory. No one can better explain the cringe-worthy feeling that is in the ephemeral nature of an experience, but our main aim would always be to curtail it into such a structure that is helpful to others and at the same time echoes nostalgia. 

A travel writer turns a short-lived moment into a narrative! 

This one is my personal favorite and has always been in practice ever since I started ‘’exploring’’ my options outside home. A short trek, a few hours spent on a beach, a religious sojourn – these things form our lives. From a mundane travel moment to backpacking across a country in thirty days, travel writers’ forte is to magnify a concrete narrative out of small, short-lived moments. 

Travel writers become rather resilient over time, with words! 

Time is an expensive gift that everyone has, but only the wise know how to utilize it best. Those who travel will understand the meaning of it when boarding a train or a flight, the rush to get from one place to another is heavy on the mind. Words help us soothe ourselves and strengthen our brittle thoughts. 

Travel writers don’t always need other travelers to mingle with! 

This for a fact is true that you travel with those who have been bitten by the same bug as yours, but as a traveler you would want to take the responsibility to plan an itinerary and select the routes. Travel writers need their own time to serve the purpose of traveling and an unwanted involvement of someone else’s ideas might leave you discontented. 

Travel writers know how to soak the moment, but we are restless! 

Yes. This circle of traveling rotates endless times, till you hit a homesick rut. Via the power of people, books, maps and language, traveling will make you experience rich. Call it the fear of missing out or what not, but restlessness is actually a benefit through which you’ll be compelled to see anything and question everything. 

Travel writers boost the idea of deriving insight from journeys! 

I can’t think of anything that can surpass the power of trusting your own gut feeling and instincts. The vision that left home with you will not be the same when you come back. It has seen abundant activities, felt awe-struck and crossed newer dimensions. Travel writers make it their job to gain from the time invested in knowing a destination. 

Travel writers hire guides, we don’t always know everything! 

 ‘’I haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list.’’ The phrase sums up pretty damn much. 

You should know that narcissism is a fatal misunderstanding! 

Obnoxious. Arrogant. Condescending. These terms have had a heavy take over the lives of those who travel. Yet, it remains an open-ended dilemma why being wiser with every covered milestone is considered narcissistic. Read or take a virtual tour all you want, but unless you have witnessed the places that haven’t left you teary-eyed then it is of no good. 

Not all travel writers like change!

It is true that you’d be recharged instantly the moment your ambiance or landscape changes. The best way to hone your natural skills is when you take undiscovered routes and let it broaden your sense of perception. After absorbing all that the place had to offer, you’ve created memories there and so, you really wouldn’t want the place to change. 

A little status update on facebook verifies you as a travel writer – in fragments! 

It is actually about describing how you feel about the place and the people you’ll be surrounded by at the moment. Encapsulate that feeling in words and let them trump in immortality.

Finally, we definitely agree that it is the best thing to spend money on, learning the art of letting go like a pro!