Disappointed with Beaches? An Unexplored Paradise Awaits You – Aare-Ware Beach


Ask someone around if they have been to or heard of Aare-Ware beach. If you get an answer, most likely you are friends with an interesting person.

Aare-Ware is a lesser-known beach in South Maharashtra, on the coastal road that joins Ratnagiri to Ganpatipule.

What is interesting about the beach?

The beach lies next to a range of hills on the Western Ghats on which a road has been carved, making it for an exotic ride with views of the hills as well as the sea.

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The beach itself is semi-circular in shape outlined by a range of curving hills. The golden sand spreads over a kilometre, making it look like a golden bowl cut in the hills when seen from the road.

There is no industrial or domestic discharge in the sea here, as the beach is located at a good distance from the commercial parts of the towns. Yet, it is close enough from both the towns for a keen traveller. The deep blue water of the Arabian sea is a delight to watch.

But the most exotic thing about Aare-Ware is bioluminiscence. If you are lucky enough, you can see the beach lit by phytoplanktons on moonless nights.

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There are no shacks or eateries here, which has worked in maintaining the aesthetics of the beach. Hence, if you plan to visit, ensure that you carry some environmental-friendly edibles with you.

How to reach?

By Air: The nearest airport Ratnagiri is not open for public transport. The nearest operational airport is Kolhapur at a distance of 140kms. You can get a train or bus easily to Ratnagiri from Kolhapur.

By Train: Ratnagiri is an important station on the Konkan Railways. All major trains from Mumbai (350kms) to Goa (360kms) stop at Ratnagiri.

By Road: Take a bus from Ratnagiri bus stand to Ganpatipule via Aare-Ware (12kms).

Where to stay?

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