Chilled in Graveyard - Dumbest thing I had done in my travel

4th Oct 2019
Day 1

So that was our last day in Himachal Pradesh. Am with my friends in Dharamshala. Although, we had car with us, just to experience the bike ride in that tricky roads with beautiful mountains view, we rented a scooty for 2 days. And as it was last day, we need to return the scooty. Am the one who got ready first in our friends group and packed all the stuff quickly. So there's almost an hour to kill the time and I just want to experience the local feel of Dharamshala. So, I took the scooty and started to roam in narrow and stoop lanes. I was going and I spotted this beautiful location, where the water is flowing and we can see the snow caped mountains across the view. It was so beautiful that I just want to spend at least 15 minutes there doing nothing. Basically I need a place to settle down for sometime. So I found a place almost secluded with only one bike parked in its premises. And I found paintings of few Gods and there are few wooden lags nearby. I assumed that this place was under construction. I've parked my scooty beside the bike and started to walk towards that small building or whatever. People on road and people in neighborhood started to stare weirdly. I was dressed up nicely put some makeup, so I thought they were staring normally. I went there, sat in the edge when that water is flowing under my feet, even though I couldn't touch my feet to the water. I captured few photos and sat there for few minutes. I was just looking here and there and when I turned my face to back, I found some wood had burnt. I didn't mind it. But, after spending sometime, I got a call from my friends asking me to comeback as we need to return the scooters and we need to get back. So, I got up and started walking towards the gate. Thats when I found few clothes, plates, rice grains and flowers on the soil somewhere there. Instantly I got chills in my spine. All those things are used when a person is dead and when they want to bury them or burn them. That was when I got all the things flashed into my mind. People staring strangely, only one person being there, the wooden logs, strangely burnt wooden logs. I didn't start to panic but I felt like I should leave this place. But, to my enthusiasm and to clear the doubts, I stopped again and took stroll around the place. There, there's something written in Hindi and I managed to read it. My Hindi language skills are too poor, but I know how to read and write but couldn't understand the meaning properly. Somewhere between the lines, I read maran( death) to where I confirmed that, that was surely not temple but graveyard.
I felt embarrassed and got away from that place and that weired looks and came back to the room.
That was one hell stupid thing I've done in my travel.
But still, if you are not scared type of person, or if you r in group, it's perfect place to spend some time there.
If you like it or felt I was dumb, comment 😂😂
Couldn't add video in the blog, so will be uploading it separately.

Photo of Chilled in Graveyard - Dumbest thing I had done in my travel by Sahini Priyanka Chatla
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