Never give up! A story on Bhalugaad Waterfall - Mukteshwar

7th Sep 2019
Day 1

Before doing anything, do you ever get a hitch that this should not happen because something might go wrong? I felt exactly like that before starting this trip.
We were supposed to leave from Rudrapur at 7 in evening and reach by 10 to Mukteshwar. Our plan was to stay in Zostel overnight, visit Bhalugaad waterfall the next day and return to Rudrapur by evening so the next day I can resume my job back in Meerut.

We started our journey an hour late from scheduled time. We were on a bike and using navigation. I was directing the way while my partner was driving. We reached Bhimtal and I sensed that we missed a turn. It was an empty road and we were very slowly turning our bike. Meanwhile another bike came from front while we were turning, we thought the guy will slow down his speed but instead he crashed right into us. This dude was drunk driving and had plugged in earphones, on a freaking mountain!! I was really angry and wanted to scream at that fellow but I didn't because he probably won't even remember by next day and also, we were injured (not seriously though). From then on I was not in the mood to continue this trip any longer. We booked a room in Bhimtal itself and spend the night there since it was very late to resume our trip and we needed rest.

Day 2

We were on a very tight schedule because of the fiasco that happened last night. We left bhimtal at 6 in the morning and without taking brakes we reached Mukteshwar. Just 500 metres away from Bhalugaad waterfall, our bike broke down! We asked local people to help us and after trying for 3 hours the bike wouldn't start. It was around 12 in the afternoon when my partner told me that I should walk by foot and see the waterfall by myself while he will take the bike to a nearby workshop. Though I was hasty about this plan but I agreed.

The biggest mistake a person can do is to wear heels to mountains. Yes you read that right! No matter how comfortable I was in that 2 inch heels it was still so difficult to walk in those on a mountain. After walking for 450 metres I took a break at roadside stall. I planned on waiting there until my parter would come back with the bike. He reached a workshop at 1:30 which was 5 kilometres away from the spot. Hours went by and still the bike was not fixed. I kept waiting at the restaurant. I did not carry my purse because I kept all my money in my partner's wallet. Since the wallet was with him, I was left with no cash or debit card.

I got the news that bike cannot be fixed so I asked the cook of that restaurant to give me a lift to that workshop. It was 6 in the evening when I met up with my partner. At that point I just wanted to go home but my partner insisted that we stay. Again I was reluctant but I still agreed.

We hired two guys on bike to drop us off at Zostel. My partner convinced one of those guys to lend us their bike till morning. When I reached Zostel I felt a bit better. The place had a very funky vibe to it. It was cozy and warm and a fun place to hang around. We had dinner and played a couple of rounds of Zenga in common room. I met some amazing people there.

Day 3

We left Zostel at 6 in morning. It was a 1 kilometre trek to reach bhalugaad waterfall. We parked that borrowed bike on the side of the road and started trekking until I realised that I can't freaking walk in those damn heels! I took them off and trekked all the way barefeet. It was a little painful to walk and I scratched my feet a couple of times but we still made it to waterfall.

Though I was not in a state to enjoy that moment but after a while everything felt better. I was sucked by the beauty of rocks, pleasant sound of the flowing water and lush greenery around us. There was not a single person around us. We had that place all to ourselves. The only regret I have is that we couldn't stay there longer. We had to go back soon.

While trekking back, my partner gave me his shoes. I repeatedly said no but he couldn't watch me like that ( such a gentleman! <3 ).

We reached Rudrapur in afternoon and I left for Meerut. I had to miss work that day but it was fine. This experience was necessary. Few things that I learned from this trip was very important, which were:

1. Never drink and drive specially on a mountain.
2. Wear helmet while riding on two wheeler (Thankfully we did).
3. Never leave your partner when things get difficult.
4. Never wear heels on Mountains.
5. Never give up! You will surely get fruitful results at the end of it.

Trip Budget
2000/- per person which includes Accommodation, food and travel expenses.


Bhalugaad Waterfalls #travelfails

Photo of Bhalugaad Waterfall, Satbunga, Uttarakhand, India by Mansi Gupta

Let your emotions flow like a waterfall #travelfails

Photo of Bhalugaad Waterfall, Satbunga, Uttarakhand, India by Mansi Gupta