Experience : How I met this cute pahadan !

Photo of Experience : How I met this cute pahadan ! by Harshit

I met a girl on my solo trip to Himachal. She is one of the most amazing person I have ever met.

9 PM, Kullu, Himachal

I was waiting for a bus to Manali. I saw a girl standing on the other side of the road, she was standing alone. I went up to her and the conversation started

Me :- Hey. Are u waiting for bus to Manali ?

She :- Yeah. You are also going to Manali ?

I was just expecting yeah ! Bonus ..she asked a question as well. She was responsive.

Me :- Yes. You look like a pahadi girl. Are you from manali ?

She smiled

She :- Yes. And you look like a traveller

Me :- Yeah I am on solo trip girls like solo travellers *

She :- Oh nice. Where are you from ?

Me :- Madhya Pradesh *with pride*

She :- It's very hot there.

Me :- No actually MP is burning in anger coz they don't have pahadi girls.

She giggled and blushed

The bus came and everybody rushed to occupy seats, we made a deal that whoever gets inside first will reserve a seat for other. She got in first and saved a seat for me.

I remember some parts of our conversation that happened in bus

Me :- You in college ?

She :- Yeah. Pharmacy !

Me :- So is there some kind of drug that can make my eyes pretty like yours ?


She :- These are Himalayan eyes. Live in Himachal for a month and your eyes will twinkle like mine.

After two three cheesy lines,

She :- Toh tum flirt kiye bina nahi reh sakte.( So you can't live without flirting )

Me :- Reh sakta hu but fir tum dobaara milogi nahi aur mujhe regret hoga ki itni awesome bandi saath mein baithi thi fir bhi flirt nahi kiya ! ( Well I can but I don't know when we will meet again and I don't want to regret that I sat with such amazing girl and still didn't flirt with her )

We exchanged numbers and are still in contact.