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One of the most popular tourist locations—Indonesia is known for its magnificent landscape, beaches, temples and many unexplored islands. For many of us, travelling to Indonesia often means that one is talking about Bali, however, there is a lot more to Indonesia than this cute honeymoon destination.

Travelling depends a lot on the kind of person you are, your preferences, likes and dislikes. If you are a traveller looking for exceptional experiences away from the monotony of every day life, there exists a unique island called Seram, which is straight out of a dream, that you can head to.

Seram Island is one of the largest and least known islands in the Makulu province of Indonesia. This little piece of heaven offers mesmerising views along with an incredible array of flora and fauna. If you love travelling to places far off from the mainlands and if you are a nature and wildlife lover, then Seram Island is perfect. These are some of the unique experiences that the Seram Islands have on offer.

Trek to Manusela National Park

If you are an adventure lover, make sure you climb your way up to the Mount Binaiya, the highest peak on the island. The view from the top is breathtaking and the beautiful dense rainforest gives you an opportunity to spot rare species of birds. Explore the lowland rain forests and beach-side forests in the National Park. The park is habitat for many species of birds. If you love trekking, this is surely the best place to visit. Another major attraction for tourists is exploring the forest, mountain climbing, observing animals and plants.


Accommodation can be found on the way as there are many villages inside the park. However, it is essential that you have a guide along to take you through the forests.

Best time to visit

Between May and October

Snorkelling and Diving

The centre of marine diversity, Seram Islands allow you to dive deep into the ocean and experience the never-seen-before marine life and beautiful corals at the island. If you are a water baby, I am sure this will be one-of-a-kind experience to be surrounded by electric fishes and stone-fishes. If you are scared of diving or swimming, sit by the side with your feet dipped in water and laze around and soak in the sun for the soulful experience. Carry a portable hammock to get those Instagram worthy photos.


You might not be able to find the perfect gear for snorkelling and diving. So, it is advisable to carry your own gear and stuff in case if you want to try snorkelling.

Visiting the Sawai village

This beautiful village is one of the main attractions of the Island. With a perfect backdrop of mountains, this place is perfect where time comes to standstill making it a perfect destination to detox and relax. This village is famous for its beaches and the sea. This place is still pristine, untouched, natural and well preserved. Sawai village is one of the oldest villages in Maluku and there are several small islands surrounding it. Apart from the scenic setting, the place offers great accommodation, snorkelling diving options, and is also the starting point for treks.


Just soak in the spirit and enjoy as it has decent accommodation options and perfect landscapes.

Bird watching

One of the things that people look forward while visiting this island is bird watching. The island is home to endemic species of birds. You will be able to spot birds that you have never seen before in your surroundings. Enjoy the chirping of spectacular Moluccan Cockatoo, lorry and other birds which you will not be able to see anywhere else in the world. You can look for these species along the trail through Manusela National Park but a good number are also seen around Sawai and even east of Wahai.


Keep your camera handy for you might be able to spot some species which you have never or would never see again.

Crawl through the caves

Head out for a day trip to explore the caves around the island, where you will be both amused as well as amazed. The amazing structure and formations will leave you impressed. The further you go in the cave, the narrower the cave gets. There are day trips from Maoshi. It is better to take a guide along who can guide you the way and tell the history of the place, there is a cost involved too, but it surely is worth every penny.


Be careful while moving inside; if you are claustrophobic rather enjoy the beauty from outside.

Stay in an offbeat accommodation

There are different accommodation options in the main town. In case if you are looking for an exceptional experience, head to Ora beach bungalow. The colourful cottages have the perfect backdrop of mountains and crystal clear waters of the sea create a perfect peaceful surrounding. Head here when you are in a mood to do nothing and laze around.

Lumoli Waterfall

Lumoli Falls is a waterfall located in the west district of Seram and is not very well known but is definitely one of the prettiest waterfalls located in Maluku. It still takes approximately two hours to get to Lumoli waterfall from Seram islands. This waterfall is surrounded by trees thus protecting you from direct sunlight. The clear and fresh water is good enough to swim or splash around in the river flow of the waterfall. The beauty and naturalness of the waterfall are very well maintained and protected.

Things to remember

• Seram Island is still far away from the commercialisation and that means you cannot expect the best of luxurious accommodation, so it is better you carry your own toiletries and towels.

• Beware of the tourism scam. Be cautious of the things you are booking—accommodation, taxis etc.

• Since the infrastructure is poor and tourism has not flourished, you might have to pay extra prices for the experiences and facilities on the island of Seram.

• Enjoy the local cuisine and seafood during your stay on Seram Island. Non-vegetarians and sea food lovers will have a great time. There are fewer options for vegetarians.

How to Reach

By Air: There are flights from all over Indonesia to Amahai Airport located on the south coast of Seram Island. You can first take a flight to Jakarta and then catch a domestic plane to the island. Alternatively, take a flight to Ambon Island and then take a connecting flight to Seram.

By Sea: There are several ways of getting to Seram by sea from Ambon. The cheapest and most popular option is the car-ferry from Liang on Ambon to Kairatu on Seram, which is also used by the direct buses connecting the two islands.

So, pack your bags to get away from the concrete jungle and head to a place less known.

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