Here Are World's Safest & Most Unsafe Travel Destinations for 2019

Photo of Here Are World's Safest & Most Unsafe Travel Destinations for 2019 by Priya Pareek

Travellers who love to explore new places are always looking for new experiences to capture moments and make memories. While it is exciting to set off on new journey, it is equally important to know the geography and demography of a place to in order to prepare yourself.

Just as there are places that promise happiness and rejuvenation, there are cities which are sensitive and are deemed less safe especially for tourists. In order to save yourself from any uninvited trouble, it is advised that you understand the risk that you might be getting yourself into.

Given below is a map marking cities as per the level of risk. The map has been published by International SOS and Control Risks showing the most dangerous and safest places to travel to in 2019. Take a look:

Maximum states in India are ranked as medium-risk places while some parts of Jharkhand and Bihar are shown as high-risk places.

A place is considered highly risky if the following conditions apply:

• It is considered extremely violent.

• Communal, racial violence is not uncommon.

• Crime and terrorism are widespread.

• Certain parts are inaccessible to tourists.

According to the map, following are the most unsafe places to travel to in 2019. They are not ranked in any specific order and are all considered to be largely unsafe.

Kabul, Afghanistan are at extreme risk

A place is classified as low risk if the following conditions apply:

• Crime rate is low.

• Security and emergency services are effective.

• No political or civil unrest.

According to the map, these are the safest places to travel to in 2019. These places are not written or ranked in a particular order.

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I think Bangkok is also not good because they treated us like a smugglers and send us to Detention room for hole night under section 19
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