Leave Your Worries Behind In These Safest Places To Travel In The World

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Safety is extremely important, especially if you are a solo traveler and travel around the world all alone because you surely don’t want the dark side of the world to play a spoilsport in your quest to discover yourself as you explore various destinations. Following is the list of safest places to travel in the world, which are bound to deliver you a worry-free travel experience!

Iceland has been holding the pole position in the list of most peaceful countries in the world since 2008, thanks to its low crime rate and low per capita murder rate. Although it is one of the hottest travel destinations, its splendid landscapes make up for it. The best time to visit Iceland is in the months of June, July, and August as you will get to enjoy most of the activities there due to the peak season.

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Apart from the low crime rate, New Zealand has also done a good job to erase the corruption in the country. It is no shorter than heaven for adventurous people, the reason why it is conferred the title of “Adventure Capital of the World”, what adds to its awesomeness is the spectacular views and superb wildlife. The best time to visit New Zealand is between the months of December to March since the temperature during this period is perfect to visit its beautiful beaches and enjoy the thrilling outdoor activities there.

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For those who don’t know, Denmark is also known as the happiest country in the world because the locales there believe in the fact that Honesty is the best policy! Also, you won’t find any business or official involved in corruption there. Apart from its eminent museums and exciting amusement parks, Denmark also possesses rich historic architecture. The best time to visit Denmark is from May to August when the countryside there is blossoming at its peak.

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Portugal possesses one of the best political climates for years now, also it has the lowest crime rate in Europe. You will find Instagram-worthy content everywhere you go in Portugal, may it be through the fantastic castles there or the exotic Portuguese cuisine. Portugal is where the ancient era meets the modern era. I would suggest you visit Portugal is between September and October as the weather is warm and you won’t encounter much crowd during this period.

Slovenia is the uprising tourist destination in Europe that promotes the idea of sustainable tourism. It has managed to attract a number of tourists in recent times and is considered one of the safest places to travel in the world because the rate of violent crimes there is extremely low. The best time to visit Slovenia is anytime from June to August.


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Snow-clad mountains, exciting train rides, delicious chocolates, dazzling panoramic views, and breathtaking ski trips with utmost safety, Switzerland definitely has all the traits of an ideal travel destination also because it ranks as one of the safest countries in the world. The best time to visit Switzerland is from June to August as you get to enjoy the snowy atmosphere there.

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In my opinion, Austria is one of the most underrated travel destinations because one can hardly find the old school world it represents anywhere else. It has the lowest crime rates in the whole of Europe and you will find no violence there. May it be its blissful landscapes or a heavy dose of history and culture, Austria never fails to win the hearts of travelers. The best time to visit Austria is from December to February since you make the most of the winters there.

If you love getting lost in nature, then Ireland is the place you should be. Apart from offering scenic delight, Ireland is also considered the most friendly country in the world, which certainly makes it a top pick when it comes to solo traveling. I would recommend you to visit Ireland between September to November as it is less crowded during this period.

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The Czech Republic is hands down one of the safest European countries to visit because of its secure communities, extremely low crime rates, and low risk of terrorism. You can easily fulfill your childhood dream of strolling through the castles in this beautiful country. The best time to visit the Czech Republic is during mid-March to May and September to mid-November when the spring and fall seasons are active respectively there.

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Crime hardly exists in Canada and unlike many countries in the world, the police department in Canada is easily accessible, trustworthy, and quick to respond. It doesn't matter if you are a countryside lover or a person who loves city life, Canada will provide you an amazing travel experience for sure. The best time to visit Canada is between September to November as the temperature there is on the cooler side and you also get to enjoy fall celebrations like wine, apple, and pumpkin festivals!

So which one of the safest places to travel in the world are you heading on your next solo trip? Tell me in the comments section right away!