How pretty a failure turned into Himalayan Solo Ride #offbeatuttarakhand

24th Dec 2018
Photo of How pretty a failure turned into Himalayan Solo Ride #offbeatuttarakhand by Brajendra Raghuvanshi
Day 1

Needed a Vacuum with self 🤗
Where the spark ignited for this trip,  is a failure and I better to call it as "Needed a vacuum with self". I thank that I failed, I thank that failure which helped me to gather bit of myself to the journey of togetherness with mountains, unkempt flora, sideby river and moreover my eternal soul. Well, I started my itinerary from Dehradun to Valley of Flowers. It was 3 pm of 28 September 2018, I searched for bike rental websites and within half an hour I had rented it and was ready to begin for cruising through Himalayas, empty roads, gigantic mountains never ending ridges and cloud penetrating peaks. After fuelling up the pretty black 350cc Royal Enfield, I headed to my first ever solo trip. I had planned to reach Dev Prayag by 8 pm. Through fading sun rays to the returning road construction workers, I enjoyed the scenic trench. Crossed the holy Yoga capital Rishikesh to cherish growing heights of Himalayas.
With sharp turns and black out peaks in the dusk, Himalayan beauty hid. Moon had also veiled Himalayas. I reached Dev Prayag by 8:30 pm, booked hotel and after dinner I happened to relish the melodious night ever. It was pleasant to hear the burbles of meeting of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi. I took a chair, sat facing the mountain, keeping my senses to the melody of rivers, I lived that hour with emerging thunder of my heart. Mildly cold breeze pumped my face, resisting me from leaving the scene. I holded myself to one more hour to the scene and with the time melody grew and sticked me to the chair.
I ended up the day with heavy heart leaving the mountains, as if two sisters talking the melody and that cold breeze waving my hair and soul.

Photo of Devprayag, Uttarakhand, India by Brajendra Raghuvanshi
Day 2

Waking up to the sparkling trees, green mountain peaks shining like marble and the colourfully decorated town, I greeted my eyes and wondered the luckiness of people living the scene everyday. I still found the burbles as melodic as the night. I throttled to my way to the next destination that is Joshimath. The way threw magical scenes of rays penetrating between the ridges and touching the peaks of mountains, I endured my eyes between the mountains, cruising 350cc to the curves and slopes of Himalayas. Getting the cheers of fellow riders kept me motivated. Amid the silence of roads, I found crowded with self that I missed in my daily routine. Fuelled myself with tasty tea and parathas on the way. I was welcomed by 4 more Prayags as scenic as the first one. Warmness of people living there encouraged happiness.
Through out my way, I was accompanied by Alaknanda river. We together enjoyed the changing shape of Himalayan range, from one ridge to another the bike kept switching.
From Chamoli onwards, the range adorn more beauty. Peaks gives the scenic icetips, low lying clouds, constant steep of the mountain kept the bike thundering louder. With the increasing altitude, I felt cold outside and warmth of self inside. As energetic as I started my day I reached the Joshimath. Seeing the place crowded with mix of lovey Indians and foreigners. I checked in the hotel, headed to the roof with picturesque mountains 360 degree and a trench besides the town.
I was delighted with old couples walking on side and enjoying the trench. Fading sun increased the heat inside me for the next day.

Photo of Joshimath, Uttarakhand, India by Brajendra Raghuvanshi
Day 3

With the sheer motivation to explore further, I woke up 5:30am, got myself to bike seat within 35 minutes and headed to the Valley of Flowers. I saw people on the way as motivated as me, riding to the destinations. Enjoyed the sight of ITBP base camp in the early morning and with the enthusiastic officers exercising, I became to stop there and saw my dream through them. I reached Govind Ghat, parked my vehicle and began my first ever trek. The trek was moderate level and it would not let you down with energy after seeing energetic Punjabis trekking to Sri Hemkunt Sahib. After completing my trek in 8 hours I reached back to Govind Ghat, took my bike and reached Joshimath. The trek is situated in the lap of Nanda Devi National Park. The park is very beautiful, surroundings become positive with mountain peaks and vicinity to the icecladded mountains fills the space with absolute beauty.
With that I traced my journey back to Devprayag the same day. I left the place heavy hearted because I wanted to go further to Kedarnath and Mana village but time constrained me as I had to back to the office.
I sincerely thank Uttarakhand government, villagers, hotel staff and bike wale bhaiya for helping me to complete my trek.

Photo of Valley of Flowers National Park, Uttarakhand, India by Brajendra Raghuvanshi
Photo of Valley of Flowers National Park, Uttarakhand, India by Brajendra Raghuvanshi
Photo of Valley of Flowers National Park, Uttarakhand, India by Brajendra Raghuvanshi