Hogenekkal Falls: The Royal Jump

19th Jul 2018
Photo of Hogenekkal Falls: The Royal Jump by Priya Parashar

We had visited Hogenekkal Falls in September from Bangalore. It is located 180 km from Bangalore. The drive was smooth and scenic. We left early morning so traffic was minimal. This fall is famous for hide boat rides. Carbonatite rocks in this site are the oldest of its kind in South Asia and one of the oldest in the world.
Our cab dropped us near the parking area. The place looked bit crowded but we expected it. From there you are on your own. The place is not well-maintained but that’s something one can make do with. I found this place awesome.
The first impression when we laid our eyes on the waterfall was hypnotizing. The water cuts through the rocky terrain gathering momentum as the land drops in elevation and sound like continual thunder.
Hide boat rides also known as Coracle rides are the highlight of this trip. DO NOT MISS IT! It will be a serious offence to miss the boat rides. This is the experience of life. One boat can carry 4-5 people costing approx. Rs. 400. (Bring in your bargaining skills). This was our first such boat ride in a water fall. The boatman took us right underneath some of the many falls and we ended up taking a shower while sitting in the boat. The river falls into a gorge and we found ourselves on top of it hence we got down to the gorge to get a view of the magnificent falls. The magnificent, rugged mountain scenery around the falls cannot be better enjoyed than this. A boat ride here is a thrilling activity and a good way to get a slice of adventure. After a delightful drench in the curative waterfalls, the coracle guy took us to the small island where you won’t be able to stop yourself by posing for some pics.
I guess this fall has gained great popularity because several Bollywood movie songs were shot at this picturesque location like Roja, Guru, Asoka

Photo of Hogenekkal Falls: The Royal Jump by Priya Parashar
Photo of Hogenekkal Falls: The Royal Jump by Priya Parashar

This place was much more than expected. It unfolds its beauty as you keep moving ahead. It was worth a trip to visit once in a lifetime despite few things to be kept in mind!
Quick Tips:
1.Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It’s going to be super humid.
2.Pack your own food as the food sold there is kind of unhygienic. Also, veg options are limited.
3.The place is bit dirty so don’t look for clean toilets, drinking water, etc.a And definitely over-crowded