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Bangalore, Bengaluru officially, a modern day city molded by the vast inherited cultural heritage. Termed as the Silicon Valley of India, the city has some of the finest and magnificent architecture. With rich culture and history, Bangalore is an amazing city to explore and travel. Due to its location, Bangalore is close to a lot of panoramic and breathtaking getaways. Some of the the great marvels of nature offering peace and solace are located at a few hours journey from Bangalore and one can make use of the weekends by visiting one of the places nearby to get refreshed.

Shivagange :

Photo of Shivagange, Karnataka, India by Sachin Verma

Located at a distance of 54 Km from Bangalore, Shivagange, a mountain peak looks like Shiva Lingam. A spring flows nearby, which locals call as Ganga, hence giving the name to the place Shivagange. The nearest town to Shivagange is Tumkur which is about 20 Km from the hill. Considered as a sacred place for pilgrimage, Shivagange is frequented by many Hindu devotees, mostly during the weekend. There are many temples and places of religious importance in this region. Patalganga, Nandi and Verbhadhreshwar Temple and Olakala teerth to name some. Other than this, the place is also famous for trekking and hiking. Many groups in Bangalore organize trekking trips to Shivagange.

Take a one day trip to Shivagange from Bangalore by boarding a State Transport bus to Dobbaspet. The journey will take about an hour. Start early by 6 AM and reach Dobbaspet by 7 AM. Shivagange hill is at a 7 Km distance from Dobbaspet. Have something to eat at Dobbaspet and move towards the base of Shivgange hill. You can hire a rickshaw to reach there. Start the climb enjoying the views. A trail carved out of the rocks makes the trek easy. You will see a number of statues, mostly of Nandi, during the trek. One can also rest for a while at various food stalls stationed throughout the trek. The last part of the trek is a bit difficult with the steep slope to climb, although steps are carved out of rocks. Trek will take One and Half hour by the time you reach top. Be cautious about the monkeys who can play spoilsport during the trek. Spend some time, collect some good moments and follow the same path back, you will be home.

Photo of Shivagange, Shivaganga, Karnataka, India by Sachin Verma

Hogenakal Falls :

Photo of Hogenakal Waterfalls, Chamarajanagar, Karnataka, India by Sachin Verma

Often referred as Niagara of India, the Hogenakal falls are at a distance of about 180 Km from Bangalore in the Dharampuri District of Tamil Nadu. The journey from Bangalore to Hogenakal falls and back can be completed in one day. Start early morning by 5. Take a bus to A Reddihalli town in Dharampuri district. From A Reddihalli town travel to the destination. The place is bit ove crowded during the weekends. There are a number of food stalls inb the area serving local delicacies like kanda bhajji, vada pav, bhajji pav and the most refreshing tea. The rocky walls alongside the path of kaveri river makes the view scintillating. The best activity to do here is Coracle ride. A small boat carrying you alonwith the streams will give an unbelievable experience. Get drenched in water, enjoy the falls. Relax for some time here and then back to Bangalore. Travelling will not pinch your pocket neither will the food stalls.

Photo of Hogenakal Waterfalls, Chamarajanagar, Karnataka, India by Sachin Verma

Halebidu :

Halebidu, the Old City, is located at a distance of 210 Km from Bangalore in the Hassan District of Karnataka. The city is popular for its temples and architecture style. Halebidu showcases some of the finest examples of Hoysala Architecture, the architecture style which become famous during the 11th Century till 14th Century. The two most prominent temples of Hoyasala architecture are Kedareswara and Hoysaleswara temples.

Photo of Halebidu, Karnataka, India by Sachin Verma

One can reach Halebidu, by boarding a state transport bus or a train. The total journey time between Bangalore and Halebidu is approximately 4 and half hours. Starting at night, one can reach Halebidu by early morning. On reaching early morning, visit the two temples mentioned above. By noon eat some regional delicacies at Shankara Hotel. After finishing lunch here, travel to Belur, which is a twin town to Halebidu. Soak in the cultural Belur offers. The distance between both the towns is 16 Km. Visit the Chennakesava temple in the Chennakesava Temple complex. In the same complex standing tall is the temple of the Kappe Chennigraya. The Kappe Chennigraya temple has various carvings of the poses a lady makes while performing the regional folk. The women in the carvings is believed to be the queen Shantaladevi of Hoysala Empire. This one day trip will certainly offer peace and solace to the mind and body. Away from the hustle and bustle of crowded Bangalore, Halebidu is one of the most budget friendly getaway. Board a bus to Bangalore by 6-7 Pm and you will be home before midnight.

Photo of Belur, Karnataka, India by Sachin Verma

Gandikota :

Located in the Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh, Gandikota is a small village situated on the banks of Pennar river. Gandikota is 280 Km from Bangalore. The journey take approximately 6 hours to reach and many modes of travel are available, including state run buses, private buses and trains. Start from Bangalore in the night and reach early morning to Gandikota.

Photo of Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh, India by Sachin Verma

Regarded as the Grand Canyon of India, Gandikota is one of the most underrated tourist destinations in India. Despite its scenic beauty and boasting of one of the most beautiful canyons, Gandikota is frequented by very few travelers, hence making this place peaceful for the soul and economic for the pocket.

The gorge created by the red granite rocks with the river Pennar flowing through the location is perfect for photographers to shoot one of the nature’s marvel. There is also a historic 12th century Fort above canyon which reveals the importance this place had in history. After visiting the gorge and fort, visit Belum Caves. The longest underground caves in India, Belum Caves have historical importance and it is believed many sages during the earlier times used to meditate here. After visiting these places, one can board a bus to Bangalore by evening and complete a day’s journey.

Photo of Belum Caves, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India by Sachin Verma

Shivasamudram Falls :

Situated on the banks of Kaveri River, Shivasamudram falls are located in the Mandya District of Karnataka. The falls are located at a 136 Km from Bangalore, and one side journey can be completed in approx 3 hours. There are two falls in the Shivasamudram region : Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. Depart early morning from Bangalore and try to rech Shivasamudram by 9 Am. On the way, one must try a local delicacy in Mandya District, Tatte Iddli.

Photo of Shivanasamudra, Karnataka, India by Sachin Verma

During monsoon, the falls have a splendid view. One needs to pass through a terrain by foot to reach Shivasamudram. Well hidden from the world to see, the falls will offer an amazing sight. The place gets crowded during the high season and weekends. You can spend some time down getting drenched. A coracle ride here is recommended. The terrain is rocky. There are a a few stalls serving some snacks in the region. Enjoy your time here and you can leave back for Bangalore by evening and reach by night.

Photo of Shivanasamudra, Karnataka, India by Sachin Verma

These are a few weekend getaways one can visit from Bangalore on a short one day trip. We will be back with some others.

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