I realized I was meant for the world

9th Nov 2019
Day 1

Jan 26th, 2016 ,my whole world fell apart. I lost my dear brother. I still haven't gotten over the agony the loss has put me through. All that trauma and meak will to push through and make everything look like ..it was ok ,but, it was not, everything went in vain . The cracks showed too well,and no matter how I tried to get over that, I always remembered how my brother will never be there. I stopped being happy, I decided that nothing in this whole frickin world could make me happy. And there ,everything changed. I began to love more, I met people who taught me #selflove #happiness #selflessness and that rekindled the faith I had in humanity and the spark I had lost for purpose. I found my purpose through them and one man made the difference . I've known him for two years now and I noticed, sometimes people aren't masked, they're simply , nice. Being a daughter of parents who constantly helicopter me due to their sheer love and over protectiveness even walking up to the house located  right in front of mine after sunset seemed like a scary idea. But , I want to go ahead in life to find how I serve the purpose of my existence ...I was meant to serve the world not just one nation ,one state or society ... I'm here for the frickin world ... Thank you Jem for being my light and thank you Adarsh for lightin up the flame I lost after Jem...

Photo of I realized I was meant for the world by Jennifer Shah