Kurseong - Land of the White Orchids

Photo of Kurseong - Land of the White Orchids 1/2 by Rupam Dey

Kurseong is a small town located at an altitude of 4,864 ft. about 32 kilometers from the famous hill station Darjeeling. The actual name of the place was Kharsang meaning “Land of the White Orchids” in the Lepcha language but over the time it changed and this town is now known as Kurseong.

Photo of Kurseong - Land of the White Orchids 2/2 by Rupam Dey

Kurseong is about 47 kilometres (29 mi) from my home town, Siliguri and is connected to the city by road and the Toy Train, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

This place is a perfect destination for adventure lovers. There are numerous religious sites, natural sites, museums and treks in Kurseong but despite all this, the one thing that attracts people here are the famous haunting tales.

Photo of Kurseong - Land of the White Orchids by Rupam Dey

Usually with places believed to be haunted, that is one particular spot that seems to be the center of all supernatural activities. But with Kurseong it is a different story altogether. It seems that this entire hill-station is more or less a ghost town. A haunted building, a haunted road, mysterious forests, sinister treks, headless corpse, ghost of a woman running after people, whispers in the wind, red eyes in the dark, screams of women, mysterious deaths, you name it and Kurseong has got it. Every ghost story, every legend you have ever heard seems to have taken shape here and of course, the locals brag about it so fondly.

Photo of Kurseong - Land of the White Orchids by Rupam Dey

Out of the many places believed to be haunted in Kurseong, the number one spot can be definitely given to Victoria Boys High School, located on Dow Hill. Surprisingly, this beautiful school is over 100 years old which would probably make it one of the oldest still functional schools in the country. Its foundation was laid by British in the year 1879. There are several stories about this school but all the incidents occur when the entire school is shut-down during vacation between December and March. People talk about how they still hear boys running and laughing in the corridors of the empty building. Some people mention seeing a boy standing at one of the windows, staring at them from the inside while the school was closed for holidays and there was absolutely no chance for anyone to get boxed up in the school.The most sinister story however is of a headless boy who haunts this school and many people claim to have seen it either on the premises or around the building of the school. School administration however, of course, denies all these rumors.

Photo of Kurseong - Land of the White Orchids by Rupam Dey

Another believed to be haunted spot in Kurseong is Dow Hill and the forest surrounding it. Our headless ghost seems to be present here as well however at Dow Hill he does more than just making an appearance. As per the locals, while walking alone on the roads at Dow Hill, several people found themselves being followed by the headless boy. Later on this ghost would just disappear in the forest but would forever haunt the memories of the person who saw it and the feeling would torment and depress the person so much that it would eventually lead to a suicide. Another thing that Dow Hill is notorious for are the murders and suicides that have taken place here, of which the administration offices have no record.

Photo of Kurseong - Land of the White Orchids by Rupam Dey

I cannot say that why anyone would believe that Kurseong needed a ghost to be known. This place has already made its mark in the history and is stunningly scenic. The ascent from Sukna to Kurseong comprises of beautiful landscapes, wooded mountains, tea gardens and forest called Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary.

Photo of Kurseong - Land of the White Orchids by Rupam Dey

So many times I have visited the place with my friends by bike or by Toy Train and stayed at night over there but never experienced any paranormal activities. But as I heard, once a group of people from Systematic Paranormal Investigation, Research and intelligence Team went to the place to investigate and in the mid night investigation, they felt some energy twice and just ran away from the place.

One thing that everyone overlooks is that this place is crowded with children, not only the ones that belong here but of other towns too, coming to attend school. These children walk down the same roads, spend their time in the same building but have never been bother, hurt or killed by any ghost ever. How is that possible if indeed this place is so haunted?

Photo of Kurseong - Land of the White Orchids by Rupam Dey

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