#lettersfromtripoto #mothersday 



Photo of #lettersfromtripoto #mothersday by Kshitij Gupta

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you so much for supporting me in my all my trips and adventures. I have got this travel bugs from you two. Yesterday, I was just lying on my bed and suddenly some memories from my childhood crossed my mind. 

Mom, I still remember, whenever you would see any good looking bike or hear any siren, you would say that, "Teri Bike mein bhi ye lgwaege." I was in,may be, first standard or even less. May be that was the time that filled in me the fascination for bikes. Every year, we used to go for at least one family vacation and me and my sister used to wait for that for the whole year. All my desires for wanderlust are your gift. There are many more memories that I recollected but found it the best time to share this on mother's day. Love you both a lot.