Major Reasons why Visiting Madrid This Year Should be your First Choice


There is no better place to feel like a local than in Madrid, one of the most fun capitals in Europe. To experience Spanish culture in its true form, you have to visit the city. I have many good reasons to share with you why you should visit Madrid since I was born there. Here are my top five!

After living abroad for a while, I realized that Madrid has several unique aspects. You will love visiting my city if you miss those things.

1. A perfect city for wandering

Take a walk through one of its neighborhoods (Malasa*a, Barrio de las Letras, Chueca, etc.) and let the city take your breath away. It is not about having a plan that is the best plan when you are in Madrid. An old palace, one hidden church, a picturesque street... Don't be afraid of not yet having a plan.

2. Live in Beauty of Madrid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What if you went shopping at 9pm? What about dinner at 10pm? Because of the different schedules and timetables in Madrid, you might find people on the street at any time. Madrid is a peculiar city, a vibrant and exciting city that's nothing like those cold European cities where there's nothing to do after 6 pm.

There are many different areas in this town that are perfect for a party, so everyone can enjoy themselves. Remember that the party starts quite late in Madrid and we like to enjoy the night by bar-hopping.

3. Experience the past in traditional shops

With more centenary stores in Madrid travel than anywhere else in the world, shopping in this city has its own unique appeal. Traditional shoe shops, pharmacies, book shops, grocery shops... that haven't changed much since they opened their doors more than a century ago can still be found. Step inside and you'll feel like you're travelling back in time!

4. Food isn't everything

I'm sure you've heard about Spanish cuisine. If you are craving Spanish food, Madrid is where you can try it. Over 15.000 bars and restaurants offer the best of Spanish cuisine in Madrid, from north to south. Obviously, not every single bar serves the best paella or the pincho de tortilla.

Do some research before choosing a restaurant and beware of those with endless menus. There are some outstanding restaurants in Madrid you won't want to miss.

5. A city with an amazing past

In addition to its fascinating history, Madrid has more than twelve centuries' worth of landmarks. In this city, some of the most important events in Spanish and European history have taken place, which makes walking through its streets like stepping back in time.

Its museums house one of the most precious painting collections in the world, and Madrid is full of magnificent historic buildings. The city is a perfect cultural destination.


So these have been few amazing and interesting things to do in Madrid! Grab the list, compile them all together and start exploring the beauty of this place to have an everlasting experience.