Momos aur Mann ki baat

24th Jun 2021
Day 1

Snow nahi dekha toh hill station jaake kya kiya!!
In excitement this is what we did. Woke up early in the morning, ready to leave for Rohtang. We knew the wait was going to be worth the view.

Reached on the spot. Climbed until we got the perfect view, and there you gooo....thakk gaye the yar! We were literally out of breath.

And after sometime all of us were soo hungry, because we left our hotels without having proper breakfast, in excitement. 😬

Whiles coming down the mountains, we found this really amazing little place, that served heavenly chicken momos! *Heavenly is the term I would use* ( picture of the place attached)

They were so delicious that the plate was empty as soon as we got it. And guess what? We didn't stop until our 4th or 5th plate of momos!

Diet ka toh pata nahi, but we surely ate like we were never getting momos again.🤤🍽️

Photo of Rohtang Pass by Winnesa Rozario