Triund trek: My first Trekking Adventure. 1 Night /2 Days


Triund Trek

Photo of Triund trek: My first Trekking Adventure. 1 Night /2 Days by Travel

Travel plans! Might sound ancient during these days but we all love doing that. But the excitement of an unplanned trip is something which we rarely experience. Here’s to one of those amazing unplanned trips.

Well, it all started with my friend asking me on a call, “Oye hello, kahaan hai? I answered, Tere Ghar Ke pass and the reply was like very good Ghar Aaja Baat Karte hai.

It was in October 2016, Thursday evening around 06:00 pm when I and my friend decided to go to Mandi, Himachal Pradesh to his native place.

Apparently the last bus to Mandi was at around 09:30 pm which we got to know after we reached Kashmiri Gate Metro Station at around 09:45 PM 🙈

We were like, ab Nikal gaye hai toh wapis toh nahi jayenge ghar.

With clueless minds, we thought that, “Chal yaar Himachal ki jo Volvo mil Jaye vahi Chalte hai subah wahaan se dekh lenge” and then we boarded our bus to Mcleodganj.

As per our knowledge, we were supposed to reach Mcleodganj by 06:00 am. But we reached there pretty early. You know how these HRTC drivers are: D.

We were clueless about what should we do now? Where should we go as it was just 05:00 am. Luckily, the other two passengers in the bus told us that they are going for a trek to Triund and said that we could also tag along if we wish to. We were like “Trek hai yaar! Chalte hai. Kal ki jagah parson Chale Jayenge Nanaji se Milne. Kya hi tension hai?”.

That’s how we embarked on our journey for Triund.

Day 1

You need to take a taxi from Mcleodganj Bus Stand to the starting point which will cost you 300 - 400 bucks.

There are some Guest Houses at the point where the trek starts. You can change and freshen up and even stay there for a night if you wish to. We freshened up there and started our trek. After a while, our friends from the bus told us, “Upar bilkul network nahi ayega” and we were like, “Jo hoga, Dekha jayega”. The trek was going really good. We were exchanging greetings with people passing by and enjoying the weather. However, after a while, a local stopped us and told us not to take the Pakhdandi (Shortcut) as someone has just slipped into the valley from there! No prizes to guess our reaction! We were like, OOOKAYY THIS IS SCAAAARY.

Photo of Triund, Himachal Pradesh by Travel

Getting over that scare and after a tiring trek of some 3 to 4 hours, we reached Triund around 11:30 am and it was just “MAGICAL”. Dhauladhar range right in front of you and you are in awe and not feeling tired anymore because you just feel like lying out there in open and feel the vibe of that whole place and that’s what we did for a couple of hours.

Photo of Triund trek: My first Trekking Adventure. 1 Night /2 Days by Travel

Later around 02:00 pm, we decided that’s let’s pitch our tent and spend the night there itself. You can get the tent on rent from the joints located at Triund which will cost you 600 for double sharing, 900 for triple sharing, and 1200 for quad sharing. You can even pre-book your tent from local travel agents at Mcleodganj.

As the sun started setting, the sky turned orange and I can never explain in words, how soothing it was to experience that eye-pleasing sunset. But it was pitch dark by 06:00 pm and then we went to the jungle in search of some wood for the bonfire but to our luck, we couldn’t find the right one to start it.

Photo of Triund trek: My first Trekking Adventure. 1 Night /2 Days by Travel
Photo of Triund trek: My first Trekking Adventure. 1 Night /2 Days by Travel

We had our dinner at the local Joint. (Save on water as a water bottle would cost 50 Rs and Maggi will cost anything between 80-100 Rs). They have Thali and other options as well but would not urge you to eat that as there are no washrooms up there. You need to find your own rock and get the matter there.

As the night went on, the temperature started dipping. It came down to 2* celsius by 09:00 pm and that’s when we decided to call it a day and went off sleep.

The next morning, while our mobile phones were switched off, we got up to some beautiful music. Out of curiosity, we got out of our tent and saw a group of Iranian lads sitting there sipping their cup of tea and having a music session. We asked them whether we can join them or not and with their approval, we joined them. It was an amazing session. Like a perfect start to a pleasant morning. After a while, I asked my friend, “Bhai humein tere native place Nahi Jaana tha?” He said, “Bhaage??” That’s when with a heavy heart, (Thoda dramatic to hona padta hai) we decided to trek down and figure out a way to our actual destination. While coming down I almost slipped because I did the whole trek wearing Loafers :p. I would suggest you to go prepared with trekking shoes as things might get difficult.

Day 2
Photo of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by Travel

After an adventurous and an absolutely unplanned trek to Triund, we reached Dharamshala bus station. Obviously got some firing from our families for going MIA and then boarded our bus to Mandi. That’s how our 1 Night & 2 Days unplanned trip to Triund was completed.

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