Mumbai Midnight Cycling

15th Oct 2022
Photo of Mumbai Midnight Cycling by Neeva Phatarphekar
Day 1

We were to reach the starting point at 10.30 pm but if you know anything about me you know that I am fashionably late. And I was this time too!

After introducing my friends to each other for we knew each other from different places be it school or college or trekking or work we met the rest of the group which was called Bhatakna at Colaba.

We then went to the cycle renting shop post the briefing which happened at 11.15 pm and started our ride towards the first stop at 11.40 pm!

Our first stop was Asiatic Society - Central Library in Fort Area and we got there around 12.00 am.

Day 2

We then cycled and headed to Marine Drive where we had another stop and then cycled all the way to Chowpatty. We then moved onto Kemps Corner and then our final stop was Worli. In all it was a 25 km cycling ride because we had to ride one way and then come back to the original starting point!

We ended the trip by 4.00 am and even made some new friends along the way! All in all it was a memorable experience and I learnt alot on the trip be it having a conversation or even time and event management!

Grateful to the organisers at Bhatakna for this event and for all my friends who made it! Here's to many more nights that turn to mornings and friends that turn into family.

Simran and Rohit

Photo of Mumbai Midnight Cycling by Neeva Phatarphekar

Me and my ride for the night

Photo of Mumbai Midnight Cycling by Neeva Phatarphekar