Nafplio, Argolida, Greece

13th Mar 2015

Photo of Nafplio, Argolida, Greece 1/2 by Maria Athanasopoulou

The city

The first capital of the Greek state is a city of beauty, identity and intense tourist life. Narrow streets, beautiful squares, Bourtzi under the light and Palamidi with the 999 steps, are  waiting to welcome the visitor. The place has a long history and the region is one of the most ancient Greek sites. Take your walk in the town, gaze to the sea and marvel the beautiful buildings of Nafplio, one by one. Drink Greek coffee and taste rooster with noodles. The visit to Nafplio will surely be unforgettable.

The Old Town

Photo of Nafplio, Argolida, Greece 2/2 by Maria Athanasopoulou

Narrow paved streets… images of another era… thresholds and balconies full of flowers. With the aroma of basil gliding in the air… the old town of Nafplio takes you by hand for a magic walk in another more romantic and beautiful time. Old buildings, yet so picturesque and graceful, balconies that you think embrace one another.. all these underneath the Rock of Palamidi, with an incredible view towards the castle of Bourtzi. The old town was street planned in the years of Kapodistria, the first prime minister of Greece after the ottoman occupation. It’s not easy to move around with a car in these narrow streets – in fact it is impossible to do so at many certain points. These narrow paved streets are expecting to be walked and indeed they do.. it’s the local promenade event! Forget your car once you’re here and trust us that it’s for the best! Choose instead a romantic hand in hand walk with your beloved one, enjoying smells and images of another era while the sun burns hot over the Constitution Square… it’s a lifetime experience you’ll never forget!!

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