Bergamo: La Citta Alta

17th Apr 2015
Photo of Bergamo: La Citta Alta 1/3 by Maria Athanasopoulou
The very first impression of the visitor is narrow paved streets going up-hill. Small shops, beautiful houses, balconies full of flowers, gorgeous corners too good to miss with your camera.. Everything shrouded in the veil of charm of the past, an addictive charm that in the town of Bergamo is still alive!
Photo of Bergamo: La Citta Alta 2/3 by Maria Athanasopoulou
Along the way you will find historically preserved buildings, small museums, charming little shops that sell almost everything.. from underwear , clothing and shoes.. to sweets and delicacies!
Photo of Bergamo: La Citta Alta 3/3 by Maria Athanasopoulou