Nature Transforms Russia’s Dumping Ground Into A Colourful Pebble Beach & The Pictures Are Amazing


The power of nature is often underestimated by humans, but it has its own surprising ways of exerting its superiority over the latter.

And Ussuri Bay, near Vladivostok in Russia, is a perfect example of nature correcting man’s mistake.

Once a Soviet-era dumping ground for glass bottles and waste from a nearby porcelain factory, the Ussuri Bay is a transformed site today. Popularly known as the glass beach, the shores of Ussuri Bay are now covered with a mosaic of smooth, colourful glass pebbles rather than ruins of discarded vodka, wine and beer bottles.

Here's what happened. Constant waves from the Pacific Ocean eroded the once sharp edges of the glass bottles and turned the no-go zone into a sparkling tourist attraction.

Don't believe me? Check out these pictures.

Years of erosion has given the beach a new identity, so much so that people are now ready to pay a small fee to come here and enjoy the sight.

The beach used to be covered with volcanic black sand, but now it just looks like it has always been a natural multicoloured beach.

This definitely looks like a dream landscape where there are jewels instead of stones.

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