Pachmarhi: A Sleepy Hill Station

4th Apr 2014

Apsara Vihar

Photo of Apsara Vihar by Rahul

Bee Fall

Photo of Bee Fall by Rahul


Photo of Jatashankar by Rahul


Photo of Jatashankar by Rahul

Gupt Mahadev

Photo of Gupt Mahadev by Rahul

Pandav Caves

Photo of Pandav Caves by Rahul
Photo of by Rahul


Photo of Dhoopgarh by Rahul

Satpura Tiger Reserve

Photo of Satpura Tiger Reserve by Rahul

Jungle Lodge

Photo of Jungle Lodge by Rahul


Photo of Chauragarh by Rahul
Photo of by Rahul

Hotel Rock End Manor

Photo of Hotel Rock End Manor by Rahul


Photo of Jatashankar by Rahul

Great place to relax.

Pachmarhi is Madhya Pradesh's most verdant gem. A lovely hill resort girdled by the Satpura ranges, it offers absolute tranquility. Bridle paths lead into placid forest groves of wild bamboo, jamun, dense sal forests and delicate bamboo thickets

Complementing the magnificence of nature are the works of man; Pachmarhi is also an archaeological treasure- house. In cave shelters in the Mahadeo Hills is an astonishing richness in rock paintings. Most of these have been placed in the period 500-800 AD, but the earliest paintings are an estimated 10,000 years old.

In Pachmarhi, Bagpipes skirled in a flower-bright valley while ancient dancers cavorted on a rock. The pipes and the dancers were separated by thousands of years: typical of this little town in the Saptura Mountains. Contrasting cultures and ages exist in harmony as if time and trends mean little in this serene, wooded place. Pachmarhi is for unwinding, effortlessly. Roads meander gently groves of trees, open spaces and heritage cottages sitting contentedly in their old gardens.

The town has a quiet gentility about it as if Victorian traditions and high collars still governed most people's lives. Much of this ambience has been set, and is still being maintained, by the strong presence of the Army whose Education Corps is headquartered here. The old cottages, meticulously maintained by the Military Engineering Serivces, have changed little since the days of Kipling.