Penang, the little wonder of Malaysia


Hello everyone, back with another travel post!

The last time I went to Malaysia, I visited this little town called Penang which I hadn't when I lived there earlier, and kept wondering why. This place has so much to offer, in terms of culture, warmth and just everything life that it is hard not to get lost in this vibe.

Our plan was to be as local as possible for this trip, so instead of flight, we chose to take a bus from KL to Penang, which is not only cheaper, but quite fun too. The routes to the pit stops with many other people was quite a travel. Also, when we reached our destination stop, to get to Penang town (island) we took a local ferry, which was super cheap and they give you a double way ticket in the beginning itslelf! Gotta love them! I must say I never did expect the local transportation to be this convenient and comfortable, it surpassed my expectations. We usually either drove to places or took flights when we were here, so this was pleasantly different.

We did a lot of research before going there actually, which helped us quite a bit in getting about, though of course our itinerary does change slightly when you are there, depending on the situations. We chose the heritage site of Georgetown to stick around for most of our 3 day trip and boy that was the best decision we made. Instead of the hotels, we decided chose to hostel for our stay, not just because they were located in convenient locations to where all we wanted to visit but also because they gave a better homely belonging feeling which the hotels wouldn't. Also, most of them have heritage buildings restored into hostels, so another plus. And honestly, Penang has some of the really nice, cozy, clean and good hostels, which are super cheap, for all kinds of travelers. Most of the hostels include breakfasts with the stay, which is a great thing, you can start your day all energized that way!

The town has a lot to offer, from its unique fun themed museums to the temples and oh how can we forget the street art, which is its highlight. Moreover, it so uniquely blends in different culture, something which you probably don't see much of elsewhere. What is the best way to get around? Of course walk! But do not forget to take water, sunscreen and some refreshments along with you, so that you can just keep moving the whole day! That's what we pretty much did the whole of 3 days that we were there! And OMG, the food!!! It was to die for! the laksas, nasi bandars, char kway teows, the street snacks, the cendols, the bakeries and what not. I m literally drooling right now, while typing this!

The first day we reached around afternoon, so after a bit of rest, we just took a stroll around the town (its streets), enjoying the views, people, temples, taking in the street art (truly mindblowing) and food.

The next day we had our breakfast at our hostel and made our way to the several museums that were on our list. The upside down museum, glow in the dark museum, art museum, history museum, chocolate museum, camera museum (okay that's a lot of museums I agree, but they are amazing trust me!) and more walking. After all this took a local bus ride to the famous Batu Ferringhi beach, a serene quiet beach which was lovely (love beaches, no matter what)! Ditch the cab and go with the locals, definitely recommended. The night market along the beach area has some of the most exquisite stuff that you can find around, we got some really interesting souvenirs back with us from there. We are super exhausted after all that, but we still came out and enjoyed the evening stroll again, for some amazing street food and desserts, how can we not rightt!!?

The next day included more sightseeing, doing some shopping and stuffing ourselves more, before we had to leave! Pro tip: Do not forget to gorge on some cakes at the china house! It s such a wonderfully done cafe, with an art boutique on the top and cozy cafe downstairs. Penang has many such cafes in and around, do check them out! China house was the last stop before we decided to head out back to KL, so took back sweet memories literally! <3

I can still clearly remember those 3 days though it was 2 years ago, the crowds, the seas, the food, the culture, everything, one of the best 3 days well spent with a really good friend of mine! I don't think thar it could have gotten any better than that! The trip back to KL was equally great as well, and we were super exhausted by then, at the same time fully pumped up for the rest of the trip! :D

Until the next travel story - keep wanderlusting!

P.S. We purposely made it a very economical, leisurely, relaxing trip, where we got to soak in the whole local vibe of the city, plus be touristy and check out places. If you guys want any information on how and all we managed it in more detail, so reach out to me or leave a comment. Also, its a shame that we din't take any food pictures, too busy eating it than remembering to take pics of it! eeekss! Next time for sureeee :D. So, just saying again, a must visit!!! Small places always have the biggest hearts <3