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Most of you often think about doing a solo trip, but preparing your mind and heart might be a difficult task. There are questions hovering around Where to go? How to convince family? Will I get Bored? Should I book a hotel or airbnb? Is my destination safe? All of these will be answered in one go if have a YES from your soul.So here is quick recipe for a super successful Solo trip.

1). Convince your inner home ministry- Mind, Heart & Soul. Be determined, since you never know a solo trip might be a life changing experience.

2). Once you are settled, time to take vote of confidence from your family. I usually play emotional card, "I need this trip desperately, to bring back my strength and lot many other girls are doing it". Try this, you can show them few articles or blogs.

3). Perfect so we are ready, finally the bill is passed. Excited? Time to choose your destination. Three things while working on your destination: Budget, Connectivity & Research. In India you can start your solo trip from either Rajasthan or Goa, I choose Goa and my experience was superb. You can have beer, beach & bikini:). But if you want to explore out of India then you start from Singapore or certain cities of Europe. I will another blog on each city I have visited at length. You can also begin your solo trip from a place you have already been to, since you would know places to explore but this time with a different perspective.

4). So we have our destination and I am sure you have checked travel options to suit your budget. Please choose morning or afternoon arrivals considering safety and ease of entering in a new city.

5). Hotel or Airbnb? Both has its advantage & disadvantage. While in hotel you can pamper yourself like a queen and you can reach upto hotel reception for any urgent needs. At airbnb you can live like your home and if you are lucky to find a good host, he/she might help you out. But in both cases always choose a central location. It would cost slightly more but trust me you will thank me later.

6).Looks like you are all set, you know your destination, tickets are booked and even place to stay is sorted. Time to think about Itinerary or just keep it fluid upto to you.

Solo trips are best done when you don't have to stick to a schedule, just relax! Soak yourself in the city that you are visiting. Interact with locals, have a lazy lunch, carry a book and click unlimited selfies. Nobody is there to control your time., nobody cares how you look and what you eat.

Sounds good? Do send me your first solo trip experiences and you can check mine @truelyclassy at Instagram.

Have a Happy Wonderlust life.