Feeling Blue? Check out the Most Colourful Places in the World to Brighten up Your Day!

28th Jun 2019

Our bucket lists are replete with exciting things to do. We want to visit the biggest monuments, jump from the highest mountains and swim in the deepest of oceans. But if you aren't an adrenaline junkie, you can begin filling your buckets with the most colourful places in the world. These places are a riot of colours, sometimes it is the flowers that lend them their beauty, and other times, colourful facades enliven them.

Here are 25 most colourful places in the world that you must visit.

1. Take a boat ride in the pristine Nyhavn River in Copenhagen, underneath the gleam of these painted houses.

2. Visit Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand to witness a hundred, unique species of flowers.

3. Known as the island of Eternal Spring, Madeira is located in North Atlantic Ocean. Sip on a glass of wine and enjoy the lap-lapping of sapphire blue waters.

4. Enter a fantasy world in Bruges, Belgium and walk along these colourful streets.

5. Have a unique beach vacation by visiting this black coloured beach in Iceland.

6. Known for hosting Indian celebrity weddings , Lake Como is dotted with colourful houses that add even more charm to this fantastical town.

7. Lisse in Netherlands is carpeted with beautiful tulips that cover huge fields, resembling a shade card!

8. In addition to the legendary Macchu Pichu, the Rainbow Mountain in Peru is a sight to behold.

9. Visit the Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibraki, China to witness a burst of colours. Differently coloured flowers that bloom between April to May make this an oft-visited place among tourists.

10. Take a walk between a blue lagoon and a blush pink beach in Penang, South Australia.

11. The most common element in everybody's bucket list ever, nothing compares to Nature's very own magic show, Northern Lights in the North Pole.

12. Drive through the rainbow coloured streets in Bo Kap which is the oldest surviving residential township in Cape Town.

13. Add some colour to your Grecian vacation by visiting the Red Beach in Santorini.

14. Take a walking tour in Chefchauen in the Rif Mountains of Morocco. Enjoy the sight of its inky blue lanes.

15. Walk barefoot on this pretty pink Elafonisi Beach in Greece.

16. Marvel at the stunning royal blue pools of Komodo National Park, Indonesia.

17. One of the most quaint villages in Spain, Alcala del Jucuar with its sky blue houses is a must visit.

18. One of the most colourful cities that you will ever find. Burano Island in Venice is straight out of a dream.

19. Get an insight into the colourful worlds of Istanbul, Turkey.

20. How can we forget our dear Pink City, Jaipur!? Get a taste of the royal past at one of India's most culturally rich cities.

So amp up your vacation by visiting a destination that will add colour to your life, literally. How many of these places have you already visited? Tell us in the comments section below.

Been to a place that stole your heart? Tell us your story by creating a blog on Tripoto here.

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