Reasons to Marry a Guy who Loves to Travel as much as you do

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Travelling is the most amazing thing but finding a guy who has a travel bug under his skin too is a blessing.

Everyone deserves a life of adventure and possibility and to look at life with the eyes of youth, because this is where you will find joy and will be able to see the real beauty in things around u and most importantly you will experience all of this together.

Your goals may differ at some points but your love for travel will keep lighting that spark that is a must need for a healthy relationship. Travelling to the undiscovered places together will keep you guys excited and forge a bond of trust that is less likely to be seen between the couples who dont travel.

In your fears while scuba or sky diving or joy when sitting under a sky full of stars.. you will always have him close to you holding your hand and proposing you not with a diamond ring but with a token of love from nature.

Your honeymoon will not be just limited to a couple of pics near a beach, It would rather be something adventurous with an adrenaline rush rewarding you with the most triumphant photographs.

He will always appreciate you and the things around as a Traveller knows how to appreciate the different kinds of people and nature.

You will have lots of experiences and insane stories of your adventures sparked by the beauty of the world to share with your children. Most importantly your children would not be the ones always busy with the mobile phones or laptops because he wont let them get away with all of those screens but will empower them to live even bigger than both of you.

Dating a guy who loved to travel was enough to convince me that I needed to marry him. My guy has always stood above the crowd, made my life better, and lead me down a path of never ending adventure.

So Ladies marry a guy who wants to see the world and grow old with you, not just by age but also stories.

Happy Tripping guys.. :)