Rejuvenating Diwali By The Ocean, Goa

26th Oct 2019
Photo of Rejuvenating Diwali By The Ocean, Goa by Leo wandrer
Day 1

palolem in morning

Photo of Palolem,Canacona by Leo wandrer

The Tubki resort restaurant

Photo of Palolem,Canacona by Leo wandrer

The roundcube restaurant by the beach

Photo of Palolem,Canacona by Leo wandrer

the dusky sky

Photo of Palolem,Canacona by Leo wandrer

Candle light dinner

Photo of Palolem,Canacona by Leo wandrer
Day 5
Photo of Palolem,Canacona by Leo wandrer
Day 23

Hello everyone, so i had 5 days diwali holidays from my office and i really needed a break from my hectic schedule as i started feeling like being stucked. I had been to goa already 8 times and the feel i get there is never going to leave me . So i had my flight at 8pm around from Indira gandhi international airport which was delayed by like 20 minutes therefore i reached dabolim airport around 11pm on 25th october 2k19 . As we rushed out of the airport we started looking for taxi and as night charges were going to be applied soon i just took what i got and it costed me like 1700INR from airport to Roundcube guest house on palolem beach, south goa. I reached my hotel at around 1:30pm in night where the doors were open but nobody was there to address us so i knocked rooms above , somebody woke up, he gave me key of the room, some essentials like soap and toilet paper but no water to drink. Luckily there was nearby a restaurant which was closed but still gave me a water bottle which was so generous of them. When i entered my room i foud it pretty clean, it had air conditioner and hot water supply but as i sat on my bed i found it damped . For the time being what i did was that i used one of my blanket as bedsheet and slept for the night. Next morning i woke up around 6 30am , took shower and went to the palolem beach. The sea was wild due to late monsoon but it got settled by noon. I had english breakfast with coffee at Cherry olive restaurant at palolem beach for 350INR only and moved to the guest house to check out as i had to check in to THE TUBKI RESORT for next 2 days which was 2.5kms far from the roundcube guest house. I took my stuff and walked all the way to enjoy the beauty of south and peaceful goa to reach the tubki resort which allowed me check in by 12pm. It is a very good property, have a swimming pool at the entrance as well as its bar and restaurant. I booked a suite for me for 2 days worth only 3000INR and it was really big, furnished, sober and had a gallery with an awesome view of hills. I kept my stuff and moved to palolem beach for the lunch . The market was all open by around 1pm where you can buy jewelleries, teas and spices of many varieties, beachy clothes. I sat for my lunch at the roundcube restaurant on the beach till evening where i enjoyed chilly prawns which was really spicy just customised for me worth 350INR, with a chilled beer.

Tip: Do stay for the sunset on the palolem beach, its worth time and will stay in your memory forever.

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