These Two Indian Destinations Could be the New Unesco World Heritage Sites! Check Them Out


Madhya Pradesh, a beautiful and diverse state of India. As the name implies - Madhya means 'central' and Pradesh means 'Region'- it is in the heart of India. Recently the famous Satpura tiger reserve and the Bhedaghat in Jabalpur have been selected in UNESCO's tentative list of world heritage sites. This announcement was made by Sheo Shekhar Shukla, principal secretary of Tourism.

These locations were considered after years of groundwork analysis and also three major workshops were organised in various Indian cities.

Why these locations?

Bhedaghat- Lemheta Ghat

This part of the region is known for its majestic waterfall called Dhuandhar, that view is something you will never forget, and Marble rocks present on both sides of the Narmada river. Boating around this area is total bliss.

Satpura Tiger Reserve

This Tiger reserve is located in the other part of the state and is spread over 524 sq/km and was set up in 1981. It's known for its diverse wildlife and famous for leopards, sambars, four-horned antelope, flying squirrels, and wild boars are some of them.

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