Security while Travelling


Security while Travelling

While you are bag packing and you are on your own; security plays a vital role in the whole bag packing process. Security of your assets is needed mostly when you are using public transports and bag-packing hostels. Being cautious about your things does not mean you should suspect everyone around you. But maintaining precautions will not hamper your trip.

Few important tips to surveil  your stuff on the way-

  • Slice and dice your cash. Do not. I repeat, do not keep all your cash ever at a single place. Always keep your day budget inside your pocket and rest should be in your bag or somewhere safe. Cause if someone steal your wallet you will not suffer a major loss.
  • Use a super glue to stick yourself with your credit and debit cards, ID cards, passport, tickets etc. And always carry photocopies of ID cards and passport. Keep a special bag for all this stuff which is light and easy to keep around.
  • Do not drop your stuff at a place where you just arrived. First get along with the place and people and then ask someone to watchdog your stuff.
  • Always keep a small bag pack with you for city tours. Other than your rucksack and duffles. Cause you and your shoulders will be free from the load(mentally and physically). And you don’t have to keep your stuff here and there.
  • TRAVEL INSURANCE is a must. In the case of theft, lost, damaged baggage or gadgets or you are sick (including emergency transportation), any tragedy or misfortune. This will help you to regenerate your loss. I wish any of these will never happen with any of us travel mates.

These are the things which I follow and commence. Keep your senses active.  “I HOPE THIS HELPS”