Travel Essentials for your next trip


Travel essentials for  your next trip

Photo of Travel Essentials for your next trip by Panchami Bekal

Packing for a trip can be a grueling task. I am used to adding a lot “just in case” stuff to my luggage which is totally unwanted. Recently, I managed all my necessary stuff in one backpack for my three-day trip to Fujairah. Hmm! I am getting better at packing every time I travel. Therefore, I decided to share my travel essentials with you all.

Before you start packing, here are a few things to consider:

Destination: Destination is the key determinant of the things you pack. For example, if it is a beach location, one should ensure to pack summer essentials, whereas if you are planning for a colder destination, one needs to ensure that the sweaters and winter stuff are packed.

The luggage limit: Ensure that the packing is in accordance with the permissible luggage limit

Days of stay: Pack your stuff according to the number of days. Plan your apparels and accessories according to the itinerary. This will save you from over packing.

So, here goes my list:

First of all my hand luggage: My hand luggage usually consists of two bags-one sling bag(cross bag) and a backpack.

Sling bag: Currently I am using the Guess Sling bag. I do not part with the bag during the journey and while exploring the destinations.

The sling bag c

Photo of Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Panchami Bekal


*My Passport and other IDs

*My Phone and the earphones



*Debit and credit cards

*A copy of travel documents

*A pen


*Hand sanitizer and some tissues

*Lipstick and a Eyeliner

*A small comb and clips

These are the things that are on me at all the times

Backpack: I am currently using the Adidas backpack. It is light weight and not a burden to carry.

The backpack contents

Photo of Travel Essentials for your next trip by Panchami Bekal


*Lenovo Ideapad ( It is super light)

*Mobile and laptop charger and Universal adapters

*Dell tablet (my in-flight entertainment) and hard disk.

*Novel (nothing can beat the love for books) and a notepad.

*Camera and charger (The camera case is usually Mr. Rao’s sling bag counterpart ????)

*A copy of all the travel documents.

*Some hidden currency ( just in case!)

*Sunscreen and perfume

*A set of clothes, socks, and undergarments (In case of losing luggage)

*Neck pillow (only if I am taking a flight)


*Medicines and bandaids ( medicines with prescription necessary for international travel)

*A toothbrush and a tiny toothpaste

Check-in bag: I have an American Tourister luggage bag. The bag has many partitions and helps me pack better.

The check-in bag stuff

Photo of Travel Essentials for your next trip by Panchami Bekal

Deodorant, some cosmetics, the jewelry and watch box and some medicines

Photo of Travel Essentials for your next trip by Panchami Bekal


*Another set of all the travel documents inside the bag

*The owner information and contact numbers in the front zip, in case of loss of luggage

*My jeans, shirts, dresses, undergarments, socks.

*Matching clutches, shoes, sandals, and scarves.

*Another set of medication with the prescription. Also, pain relievers are a must carry

*Sanitary needs

*A box consisting of Makeup remover cotton pads, Body lotion, deodorants, hair serum, and lip colors and bb cream and mascara)

*A jewelry box for all the accessories

*Bath towels

*Some plastic bags and laundry bag

*Some hidden cash

*Some eatables ( a pack of biscuits and snacks, if we are unable to buy them at the local stores)

Pro tips:

*Take a photo of all the things that you have packed, that will ensure that you don’t have to unpack and repack to check if the item is present or not.

*Roll up the clothes instead of folding them.That can save space in the bag.

*Make sure you have the soft copy of all the travel documents in your email, in the case of emergencies.

So these are my travel essentials, Did I miss out anything? Let me know! Happy packing!