Short Weekend Treks around Hyderabad


Short Weekend Treks around Hyderabad

1. Devarakonda

Devarakonda is one of the best places to visit around Hyderabad for trekking. It is a place where people will get to know about the rich culture and heritage that once prevailed in the region during the king’s rule. It is located in close proximity to Hyderabad and hence it must be visited by all trekkers who wish to go for a trek near Hyderabad.

Distance from Hyderabad: 120 kms

The place to visit in Devarakonda:

*Nallamala Hills, Ethipothala falls, Rajiv Gandhi wildlife sanctuary, Rachakonda, Sanghi Temple, Akka Mahadevi caves

*Things to do in Devarakonda:

*Trekking the Fort

*Take a refreshing bath in Ethipothala falls

*Local sightseeing

*Visit the Rajiv Gandhi wildlife sanctuary

2. Kondamadugu

One Day Treks from Hyderabad

Kondamagudu is a place in the countryside of Hyderabad bounded by beautiful villages around it. A trekking experience in this place would just be like visiting a dreamland. It would be one of the perfect weekend getaways from Hyderabad and the exquisiteness of the place will surely make all people love this place. It would be an apt place for beginners to do adventure activities around Hyderabad.

Distance from Hyderabad: 40 km

Place to visit in Kondamagudu:

*Surendrapuri, Konaseema, Charminar, Golconda Fort, Birla mandir, tiger hills

*Things to do in Kondamagudu:

*Trekking in Tiger hills

*Camping at the base of Tiger hills

*Visit the Golconda fort and Birla mandir

*Local sightseeing and city shopping

3. Ananthagiri

One Day Treks from Hyderabad

Ananthagiri is one of the beautiful places to visit around Hyderabad. One can perform a lot of adventure activities like rock climbing trekking rappelling and many more in this place. There are also many places around this place which can be visited for sightseeing.

Distance from Hyderabad: 90 km

Place to visit in Ananthagiri:

Bhavanasi Lake, Tyda Park, Katiki Waterfalls, Musi River, Araku Tribal Museum, Padmapuram Gardens, Lord Anantha *Padmanabha Temple

*Things to do in Ananthagiri:

*Trekking gin Ananthagiri hills

*Take a bath in Bhavanasi hills

*Walk along the banks of the Musi river

*Visit the Lord Anantha Padmanabha Temple and Katiki Waterfalls

4. Mallela Theertham

One Day Treks near Hyderabad

Mallela theertham is located in the Nallamala range and is a very less known place for doing adventure activities around Hyderabad. The waterfalls located in the middle of the dense forest will definitely grab everyone’s attention and also one can find the flow of water throughout the year, but in summer the flow is narrow.

Distance from Hyderabad: 175 km

Place to visit in Mallela Theertham:

*Nallamala Hills, Srisailam Dam, shikaresvara temple, Rajiv Gandhi wildlife sanctuary

*Things to do in Mallela Theertham:

*Trekking around the Mallela theertham forest

*Relax at Mallela theertham waterfalls

*River crossing across the Pond

*Camp Fire at the valley

5. Chincholi Forest

One Day Treks near Hyderabad

The Chincholi forest in Karnataka is a wildlife sanctuary and is undoubtedly a wonderful place to visit for trekking. The trails in these forests will be really amazing and also quite easy for people who do trekking for the first time.

Distance from Hyderabad: 190 km

Place to visit in Chincholi forest:

*Chandrampalli Dam, Gulbarga fort, Singur Dam, Gottam Gutta, Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib

*Things to do in Chincholi forest:

*Trek for 10 – 15 kms in the forest

*Visit the Gulbarga fort and Gottam Gutta

*Enjoy the scenery at Chandrampalli Dam

*Relax yourselves at Gurudwara nana Jhira Sahib

6. Horsley Hills

One Day Treks around Hyderabad

Horsley hill is a picturesque place and one of the best weekend getaways from Hyderabad. You would be definitely running out of words to describe the location when you reach this hill station. Such is the beauty of this place and believe us we are not exaggerating about this location. Though it does not fit into one-day treks, it definitely fits, if you want to have an offbeat weekend getaway around Hyderabad

Distance from Hyderabad: 530 kms

Place to visit in Horsley hills:

*ViewPoint, Gali Bandalu / Wind Rocks, Mallamma Temple

*Horsley Hills Zoo, Gangotri Lake, Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, Kaigal Falls

*Things to do in Horsley hills:

*Trekking around Horsley hills

*Camping at the base of the hills

*Visit the View Point and Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary

*Enjoy the serene nature at the Gangotri Lake

7. Nagarjunakonda

One day treks around Hyderabad

Nagarjunakonda is the best place to visit around Hyderabad for getting on with some adventure activities. It is surrounded by water on all four sides making it a mysterious island among the rocky terrains of Hyderabad. Be there to experience some amazing boating and trekking adventures.

Distance from Hyderabad: 190 km

Place to visit in Nagarjunakonda:

*Nagarjunakonda Caves/ Museum, Nagarjunasagar Dam/Waterfall, Dhamma Nagajjuna,

Kaman Bazaar, Gandhi Chowk

*Things to do in Nagarjunakonda:

*Trekking in Nagarjunakonda hills

*Boating from Nagarjunasagar to Nagarjunakonda island museum

*Do some shopping in Dhamma Nagajjuna

*Visit the Nagarjunakonda Caves/ Museum

8. Gunrock Trek

Gunrock is a historic site built during British rule. This place is very close to Hyderabad and would be a perfect weekend getaway along with your friends and family. The area can be visited during spring and summer and it is highly advisable to not visit this region during the rainy season.

Distance from Hyderabad: 40 km

Place to visit in Gunrock:

*Gun Rock Park, Shilparamam, Gunrock hills

*Things to do in Gunrock:

*Visit the Gun Rock Park and Secunderabad cantonment

*Trekking around Gunrock hills

9. Chityal hills

Chityal Hills is a picturesque place for performing adventure activities around Hyderabad and at the same time enjoy the serene nature out there. If you are new to trekking, you can try out this place for sure. It is situated at quite a distance from Hyderabad city and so it comes under the weekend getaway from Hyderabad.

Distance from Hyderabad: 90 km

*Things to do in Chityal Hills:

*Trekking around two or three ranges of Chityal Hills

*Camping at the valley of Chityal Hills

10. Ali Sagar

Ali Sagar is a popular trek around Mumbai and also there is man other options for people like boating hiking camping etc. it is undoubtedly one of the beautiful places you will ever visit in your life.

Distance from Hyderabad: 190 kms

Place to visit in Ali Sagar:

*Ali Sagar dam, Ali Sagar deer park, Ali Sagar waterfalls

Things to do in Ali Sagar:

*Enjoy trekking in Ali Sagar woods

*Visit the Ali Sagar dam and deer park

*Sightseeing at Ali Sagar waterfalls

11. Keesaragutta

Keesaragutta is one of the best places to visit around Hyderabad and it has a lot of tourist attractions spots also for people who want to do activities other than trekking.

There are a lot of important tourist attractions and heritage sites around the places that are really lovely and exquisite.

Distance from Hyderabad: 40 km

Place to visit in Keesaragutta:

Nehru Zoological Park, Chowmahalla Palace, Taj Falaknuma Palace, Keesaragutta temple

Things to do in Keesaragutta:

*Trek around the woods of Keesaragutta

*Visit the Nehru Zoological Park

*Sightseeing at Chowmahalla Palace and Taj Falaknuma Palace

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