Solo trip to Goa during Monsoon

30th Jun 2017

A still from Dudhsagar, Goa

Photo of Solo trip to Goa during Monsoon by Priyanka Aggarwal

Benefits of going to Goa during off season

* Heavy discount on almost everything

* Enjoy lovely weather

* Goa is at its peak of beauty in monsoon so enjoy fresh Goa

* As it’s off-season places will not be crowded and you can celebrate every moment in Goa with peace

* The best part is crowd won’t be there to ruin the background of your photos ;)

Day 1

Click here to watch Goa during Monsoon season

Started from Mas(Chennai) to Madgaon (Goa) at 3PM on 30th June in Vasco da Gama express.

The journey of Goa was very beautiful. It was through Karnataka jungles which were quite prettier enough to catch someone’s eyes. I was amazed, if the journey itself is so beautiful, how much beautiful would Goa be! When my train was about to enter in Goa I could witness the tremendous combination of greenery, hills, and fog, one of the reasons why nature lover go there again and again.

Londa Junction, Karnataka

Photo of Central Railway Station, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India by Priyanka Aggarwal
Day 2

On 1st Jan 2017, I made a “To Do List In 2017”. At that time I wrote, to be in Goa during the first week of July, and there I was!! Actually, so many people told me not to go Goa in July because it rains heavily. But, being a monsoon lover and natural beauty seeker I couldn’t stop myself. After witnessing those views in the journey I felt my decision to go there in July month, was right.

For this thing, I can say “Be stubborn and Conquer the world “ :)

Let me tell you guys, in July Goa is at its peak of beauty. If you are a true wanderer and monsoon lover, then this season is for you to be here. An incredible combination of fog, sun, hills, waterfalls, beaches and unpredictable rain.

Photo of Dudhsagar Falls Railway Bridge, DoodhSagar Waterfalls Trail, Sonaulim, Goa, India by Priyanka Aggarwal
Photo of Dudhsagar Falls Railway Bridge, DoodhSagar Waterfalls Trail, Sonaulim, Goa, India by Priyanka Aggarwal

DUDHSAGAR WATERFALLS! It was between Castle rock and Kulem railway station, Border of Karnataka and Goa respectively. A still of the waterfall…

Photo of Solo trip to Goa during Monsoon by Priyanka Aggarwal

Dudhsagar Video

One more thing guys, if you are going to Goa, then don’t go by flight either take a road trip or a train trip because while going by flight you will miss all those beautiful views which caught me and made me write about it.

After Reaching Goa (Madgaon) 1st July As soon as I got down on Madgaon station I rented a bike for 350 INR/per day, for two days. I went to the resort “La Ben Resort”, which was booked 20 days before my trip. The resort was located at Colva Beach, Salcete (South Goa), Goa, India. I got some discount from GoIbibo and as it was off-season so price dropped for almost all the accommodations. In the resort, I booked 3 days stay for 1366 INR. The stay at the resort was quite comfortable. Helpful staffs, hygienic area, food at the restaurant was good but there is no swimming pool in resort :(.

Me traveling on my dhanno(bike), resort room and its restaurant …

Photo of Solo trip to Goa during Monsoon by Priyanka Aggarwal
Photo of Solo trip to Goa during Monsoon by Priyanka Aggarwal
Photo of Solo trip to Goa during Monsoon by Priyanka Aggarwal

Goa Beaches Video

* Colva Beach

* Benaulim Beach

* Varca Beach

Colva Beach

Photo of Solo trip to Goa during Monsoon by Priyanka Aggarwal

Beaches were nice but I liked the roads more as compared to any other thing. The way was so tempting that it kept me riding the bike there. Not so wide, curvy and green roads.

Photo of Solo trip to Goa during Monsoon by Priyanka Aggarwal
Photo of Solo trip to Goa during Monsoon by Priyanka Aggarwal
Day 3

Next day I visited around 9 places…

* Shri Shantadurga Temple

* Mangueshi temple

* Old Goa Churches( St. Xavier Church/Basilica of Bom Jesus, St. Augustine Church Burj, The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Gallery)

* Archaeological Survey of India

* The convent and Church of St. Francis of Assisi

* Our Lady of Piety Church

* Colva Church

* Se Cathedral

* Dona Paula

Photo of Old Goa, Goa, India by Priyanka Aggarwal

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Photo of Solo trip to Goa during Monsoon by Priyanka Aggarwal

Church of St. Francis of Assisi

Photo of Solo trip to Goa during Monsoon by Priyanka Aggarwal

I started from the resort by 7AM on the same bike and came back in the evening by 4PM. Old Goa churches attracted me a lot but again more than these things the roads were more tempting. In evening, I went to return the bike back. On that day I didn’t go anywhere out bcoz I was tired due to riding the bike for around 9 hours. The only thing I didn’t like was while leaving in morning I forgot to take my bike riding gloves and result of that, I got tanned :(. So if you are planning to explore Goa on a bike and don’t wanna be tanned don’t forget your gloves.

Day 4

On 3rd July I booked North Goa trip with “ Feel Goa” travel agency (200 INR per person for a day). This travel agency had some 4, 5 buses and it was exactly in front of Colva beach (near La Ben Resort too). I departed by 9:00 AM from the resort with feel Goa.

On that day I saw…

* Konkan river bridge

* Filmi chakra (INR 300) boating in the river for around 40 minutes. While boating they will explain about all the movies of different cinemas that were filmed there.

* Anjuna Beach/ Vagator(same belt)

* Baga Beach, Calangute Beach

* Dj cruise at Mandovi river (INR 300 ) 1-hour travel with cruise in Mondovi river with three dance performances 1) Goan Folk Dance 2) kotti Fugdi Dance 3) Portuguese Dance

Filmi Chakra, boating

Photo of North Goa, Goa, India by Priyanka Aggarwal

Anjuna Beach

Photo of North Goa, Goa, India by Priyanka Aggarwal

DJ Cruise

Photo of North Goa, Goa, India by Priyanka Aggarwal

Dj Cruise Dance Performances video

The cruise had two floors. The event was going on the 1st floor and ground floor had a hall. They also called the audience to perform. The whole day was good but it became little thrilling when that evening brought a storm to us. Even though storm lasted for 15 – 20 minutes but when the storm started, it was so heavy that rain water started to come inside the first floor and the wind was blowing so heavily that it started to throw the curtains here and there. The cruise event organizers started to shift everybody in the ground floor hall. It was something to catch one’s breath. Storm, that too at night and being in the river, threatened many people.

Day 5

On the very last day again I hired a bike and saw the most beautiful Goa beach ” Cavelossim”. I reached there just by a coincidence bcoz I had some 3 hours left for my train to depart so instead of sitting simply somewhere I thought to explore little more bcoz I didn’t know when I will be back to Goa again so I went to that beach which was about 20km far from my resort.

Cavelossim Beach

Photo of Cavelossim Beach, Cavelossim, Goa, India by Priyanka Aggarwal

Had a wonderful time in Goa and this was one of my solo trips I ever had. The time I spent on beaches, Riding the bike on those lusty green roads, South-north Goa trips and time I Spent in chatting with Goans as well as resort staff, made so many beautiful memories.

I departed from Madgaon station for Blore by 3:45 PM.

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I'm not sure why folks in comments are complaining, but I liked your blog. I'm planning to visit Goa in next couple of days and I found this blog very helpful.
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Tripoto, Let me tell you guys that I'm a biggest fan of your service. But please don't appreciate "stupidities" like this. I felt like I'm reading an answer paper. Tripoto is a place where beautiful travel experience were born. But look at this answer paper(lol).. Benefits of Goa during off season? We the readers are not here to see circus of persons who so this just for the sake of being famous. We don't expect a beautifully written experience from those guys..but at least they can make a writing (answer sheet) taking care of grammer. And what about the places? For the first seen in my life I'm reading something which have so many "I"s and "Me"s. This makes it clear that it's not about the passion about writing but the passion for being famous. I hope you take necessary actions to remove the "bugs" and make your service perfect
Sun 11 12 17, 23:55 · Reply (2) · Report
Usage of i's and me's is obvious in solo trip blogs. If you could spot any grammatical error you can suggest me. Thank you!
Mon 11 13 17, 22:12 · Report
Really a visual treat..but just because of the language and grammer.
Sun 11 12 17, 23:57 · Report
Even I agree to Bhuwan..I felt like reading an answer paper of a school child..Like seriously you meant to write the benefits of Goa in monsoon in a bullet form? (Heavy discount in almost everything? What everything? So unclear)..and you said u are a nature and monsoon lover but I never saw the list of real places which a nature lover will seek and see in Goa ( don't say I have visited more beaches).. So being told all these we the readers must come to a conclusion that u didn't really go to Goa because you were desperately waiting to enjoy nature and monsoon, its just because you got free time only u got no other option than to tell a true nature lover will love Goa in Off season..I will appreciate your attempt to reverse the whole scenario of a mistake to an accomplishment..But tough luck! To @tripoto..we expect more responsibility from you to post only the filtered good travelogues and reject those which misleads! Otherwise I'm a huge fan of tripoto.
Thu 10 26 17, 21:22 · Reply (1) · Report
Bullets are used to clarify a thing..that's what I did.. Not only school even PhD scholars use that format.. Thank you
Mon 11 13 17, 22:16 · Report
Nature lover?? Hmmm I doubt..From the beginning words, you will never see the difference when you enter the Goa border as the nature of Karnataka-Goa border is closely tied. And all readers ( especially travelers) will see the contradiction in your words when you have not even explored the real greenery that the beautiful state of Goa offers. Few among those a real nature lover will never miss is Bondla Wildlife sanctuary and tambdi surla mahadev temple..what about the Harvalem caves and falls? And it will add to my wonder if u say that u missed immaculate conception church. To the readers : if you are planning to go to Goa prefer going on season. But like in this case, if u have no other way to visit in season, please do make good preparations accordingly for off season. Lets explore
Thu 10 26 17, 15:57 · Reply (1) · Report
As everybody has different lists I too had.. and the places you have listed wasn't in my list. Anyway thanks for suggestion. Next time i'll explore these places also.
Mon 11 13 17, 22:20 · Report