Unforgettable Unplanned Goa ThatOneTimeInGoa

31st Jul 2017
Day 1

It was an Unplanned trip during the last week of July. I started my trip from Delhi I boarded a train to madgaon that too with general ticket spend almost a long time in train to reach Unplanned destination with just one pair dress and nothing in hand apart from my wallet not even a bag.

Day 2

Almost at night 11 I reached madgaon railway station. From there asked few localities which is the nearest beach they informed Colva I took  a auto rickshaw to Colva beach. When I reached Colva I was not in a plan to book an hotel so I thought of spending some time in a bar restaurant right in front of Colva having some booze and afterwards I had a short sleep on the beachside.

Day 3

Around morning 6am I woke up and started searching for a bike rental and came to know that the bike rental shop nearby the Colva beach will open after 7 am. I got fresh in a nearby public toilet to Colva beach. Then by the time the bike rental shop opened I purchased one beach shorts and tshirt. Then finally I got an activa for rent after providing the documents they needed and paying the security. So now am ready to start my Unplanned vacation in goa from Colva to Calanguate beach I took a long ride with stops in between. Reached Calanguate had few beers enjoyed the beach then shifted to bagga beach spent some time there had few more beers and was totally drunk that I lost my wallet, my mobile and the vehicle key.
Now comes the turning phase of this happy Unplanned trip to a different level.
Thanks to one of my friend since am too good in remembering phone numbers I called one of my friends from a shop nearby bagga beach. And I informed my condition to the shop keeper and convinced him to give me some hard cash which my friend will transfer to his paytm account if he was fine. He was such a nice person he agreed and he also help me find a person to get a key prepared for the activa which I took on rent.
Afterwards with the help of shopkeeper things became normal and I drove back to Colva at night 11 PM.

After a long ride reached back Colva at night 1 or 2 not exactly remembering.

Day 4

There was no option to get back to home without giving the rented bike and taking my original documents and security amount from the bike rental shop. So I started having some drinks again in the bar restaurant near the beach. So after few pints of beer I had a sleep in the beach and woke up at 6:30 Am got fresh and was waiting for the bike rental shop to open. Finally the shop opened and the shopkeeper refused to give back my security deposit because the lock set was changed. I explained him regarding the situation and the whole story he gave me back only 1/4 of the deposit I paid. Finally I started my journey back from Colva to madgaon and from madgaon I booked train tickets to kerala my hometown instead of Delhi as I was running short on cash.

This was a trip which I can never forget.