Stare and bow

26th Oct 2019
Day 1

So there was this one time, me and my friends were backpacking through western Europe. We were walking among the foothills of mount Tibidabo. And I could here a stream of water nearby. When I looked over, I saw a beautiful lady in white, bathing herself in the crystal clear river water. Anyways, we head to back to our hotel and as we enter, the two receptionists, the 5 staff members, stand up and stare at us, all of them... they just keep staring with a neutral expression. I went to the receptionist to get the keys to our rooms, she handed them to me without uttering a single word and continues to stare directly in my eyes, just like all the other staff. We ordered food, the guy rung the bell, I opened the door, he handed over the food tray looking directly into my eyes all the while, bows and leaves, not a single word. At around almost midnight, I got out of my room to attend a call, I see three hotel staff guys in the corner of the halfway talking among themselves and the moment they notice me, they all turn to me, bow and keep looking at me until I left their sight. Something seemed shady. Cut to morning, everything went back to normal, no stares, normally conversing hotel staff.