SUTs I - First solo trip. First stop: Rameshwaram

12th Sep 2018

SUT's (Some Unforgettable Trip) 1st place will always go to my first solo trip for numerous reason. I am delighted every time, I have to take anyone through the experience. Follow along if you also feel the same OR planning for a solo trip.

Structure to the post include: experience in words, a set of photos to relate your imagination and some tips (if applicable). Feel free to jump across section as per your interest :)


Day 1

Just one way ticket from Bengaluru to Rameshwaram with a 10 kg backpack and a cap, I got myself ready for the trip. I was undoubtedly nervous and thrilled at the same time as the time to board the bus got closer. The things that gave me courage were locations mapped on Google maps and fully charged power bank.

Born and bought up in Northern states of India and then planning for solo trip in Tamil Nadu, is not something recommended by a lot of people. But where's the thrill in following right instructions, heh? :p

Day 2

Morning ~7 AM, the bus started to drift towards the tip of the country into the holy place of Rameshwaram. I might not be able to explain the number of emotions that were crossing my mind when I looked at sky blue ocean water shinning under the bright Sun.

After reaching to the bus stop and understanding the places that needs to be covered, I realized that one day in Rameshwaram should suffice. Having no other ticket with me, I checked with locals about how can I visit Kanyakumari from there. There was no bus available on the travel apps, which gave me no choice but to believe locals about mode of transportation (Yeah, I am a bit paranoid when it comes to believing locals without confirmation).

By 10 AM, I freshened up myself and after praying in Ramanathan temple I set off for magnificent Pamban railway bridge. It was truly like gliding over a miraculous glittering water with winds telling you stories of far off places.

By 2 PM I was back to Rameshwaram railway station and using Google maps, I found the garage and Honda Dio on rent. With full throttle, I set off to Dhanushkodi village and the beach point. Being a new rider, I always have a habit of racing the bike and testing it's limits but the road to Dhanushkodi, despite of being straight and without humps, never let that part of me to take over. I was calm and looking around how devastating the nature could be when it comes to it's will. But the remains was truly mesmerizing and in no time, I reached the last slice of the land which was under the name of India.

By around 4 PM, I started for the city again since the place was secluded and there's always a speculation about being around the place in dark. On my way back, I decided to spend some time in the temple at the tip of the pier from the main route. Oh and when I say I am explorer by luck, it is moment like these that proves the point. I was awestruck by the beauty of the sunset over the horizon of my Country land.

By 8 PM I was in my hotel room after dinner with tons of photos and S.U.Es (you can guess this!) setting my backpack for morning ride to Kanyakumari.


Note:These photos has been clicked on Redmi 4 and presented here without any additional filters or editing.

View from the bus when entering the holy land

Photo of Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, India by Gautam Singh

The road bridge view from the train.

Photo of Pamban Bridge, Pamban, Tamil Nadu, India by Gautam Singh

Surprisingly clear salty ocean water

Photo of Dhanushkodi Beach Point, Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu, India by Gautam Singh

Yes! This is how it looked like at one of the the tip of India.

Photo of Dhanushkodi Beach Point, Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu, India by Gautam Singh

This is how nature treats everything that comes in it's way.

Photo of Pachapatti st .Antony's Church, Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu, India by Gautam Singh

Sunset shot from the temple on the tip of the pier (en-route Dhanushkodi).

Photo of Vibhishana Theertham, Tamil Nadu, India by Gautam Singh


1. Bus from Bengaluru costs anywhere between ₹900 to ₹1500 and there are plenty of options available (mostly in the evening).

2. Rameshwaram station to temple can be either covered on foot or by expending mere ₹15 - ₹20 in shared auto. There are tons of hotels/lodge around the temple for every price range, except for Hyatt Palace which is situated near the bus stop.

3. If you're planning to travel on Pamban railway bridge, make sure to check with railway station if the bridge is closed or not (for maintenance). Take unreserved ticket to Mandapa railway station (costed me around ₹20) which is right after you cross the island.

4. From Mandapa, either you can take bus which are very frequent (as I did) costing you around ₹30 to save time, or can wait for train to re-experience the beauty.

5. For Dhanushkodi reserve at least 4-5 hours of your time. The route is opened only till 5 - 5.30 PM, so be careful with your plans.