Let's get in to reverse as we all sat #traveltransforms lets starts from my honey wala moon, oh yes since it was my love marriage made into arrange marriage in real. Essence of life came after we went as double and came back as single, two body one soul. Since we both just started our journey of married life at 25-26 we cudnt afford international honey moon but we did go to Indian most honey moon goer go, yes manali Shimla n kullu. We booked it for 8days but when we got so close to each other, we converted our trip to 18 days. The whole family thought we actually ran away after marriage ????????. My hubby Dilkhush Shah was a real introvert guy, but intelligent and smart enough to tackle my extrovertness. The first day of honey moon went in understanding the travelling behavior of each other, his luggage was well organized and mine was fully disorganized , that day he taught me how to organize and use life hacks to make it luggage smaller. That impresses me like hell,since he was hostilite, he knew every hack to make small luggage with everything he needs. So day 1 was learning for me. Second day we went to rohtang paas, and what we saw was various adventures like para gliding and zorbing, and river rafting, snow cycling, my hubby was lil scared and he didn't even wanted to try, this time I was hero, I hold his hand, and told him just think ur a bird and u want to fly and nothing can stop you. And he did it actually , and when he landed from para gliding a new hero came out who has no fear factor now, after that day he has done all the adventure of his life even ski diving in Dubai, which I didn't do, bcoz now I'm scared of it. Moving on to day 3 we went to hidimba temple in manali and he saw a poor lady making wooden key chain , and she was requesting us to buy bcoz she didn't have any money to eat. I felt she was cheating, but my hubby Said, God has given us money not only to enjoy ourself, but also to help other, we are fortunate that we can help other, so always be at giver side. This made me more closer to his Icecream like heart which melts in seconds. The days went on and we learnt so much to each other, that now I can't think of traveling with out him. He is my Google map, my Google search, my Google problem solver, my Google restaurant finder
???????? yes he is travel binder now. Now let's get back to actual present day. actually we met on tinder app and met once on coffee date, since we cudnt wait to get married, we made a plan of making it arrange,with a help of cousin. He tried hard that this marriage doesn't look like a love marriage. But I found my love in my honey moon. As I know travelling was our passion.
Photo of #SwipeRightToTravel by sneha Jain
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