7th Jan 2017

It was in 2015 when I first left all alone to travel the world. I had left on a 40 day journey to London, Scotland, Ireland and then I knew there was no stopping. SO, 2016 had to be a real deal. 2016 has been a fantastic travel year as per the promise made. Starting the note on blissful locales of Kerala to crazy beaches of Greece to exploring east Europe! This also marks my first solo travel to European locations with my backpack and a bag full of excitement and nervousness.

I started of with Greece, where I worked on talking about Indian culture to Greek kids and trust me I have never been this proud before. The whole idea of talking about the rich culture of India to the festivals and Bollywood was so much excite. Not only did they learn Bhangra and Garba, they also had a great biryani experience.

Greece has been crazy with sharing the apartment with five people from different parts of the world from Egypt, Algeria, Turkey, Armenia and Taiwan. Best time of the life ever. From trying out cuisines and dance forms of their countries to talking about politics this has been fabulous. From morning runs to drunk night walks, this has been a real experience.

Croatia has been the highlight, mainly with an 16 hour road trip from Budapest to Dubrovnik with a group of Koreans, talking about Indian food to Korean food. Attending the game of thrones walk events to finally getting on the throne. Mission accomplished ????.

But the cherry on cake was meeting a group of Croatians who were kayaking champs, and trying kayaking for the first time. Also exploring the Hvar caves and taking a plunge into the white waters from the ferry. Lived the whole ZNMD moment. Another one of the major highlights has to be hiking around in Split discovering hidden beaches. This is a must must if you are a beach bum.

I next moved towards Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, where I ended up exploring the beautiful Plitvice Lakes with a group of Australian and French travellers discussing life over wine. On that note, Australian wine is a real deal. Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships if you are ever going to Zagreb, because its going to give you a new meaning to every relation ever.

Another one of the best things that happened on my SOLO YOLO was painting on the John Lenon Wall in Prague. I ditched the monotonous travel routine that evening, to go up to the Lenon Wall, and paint the tricolour and my favourite quotes on the wall. They were right when they said, you leave a piece of you everytime you travel somewhere.

If you haven't been to Croatia, yet, it's about time . HELL ABOUT TIME ????????

Traveling solo has its own charm. You are going to rediscover yourself in a way you have never imagined. Facing some mindboggling challenges to doing things you had never imagined. Ya, I have survived on boiled potato meal for a day to being so broke, that I walked a whole city to spend 3 euros. And, trust me its awesome, because the day you get back home, you are going to sit down with a bottle, and think about the next travel plan already.

Ending this on some Dadaji ka gyaan "Nasha karna ho to zindagi ka karo, kyunki uska junoon khoobsurat hai. Kahi bhi jaao, kisike saath bhi jaao, par jaao"

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