Thailand: A Journey Yet Remembered

Photo of Thailand: A Journey Yet Remembered 1/1 by Anamika Sharma

Seeing an advert of a Thai massage on the web page reminded me of one during my Thailand trip. It was indeed a spectacular one. I travelled here in the winters. Lush green hills terraced by the palms racing towards the blue, in the backdrop of the serene waters of the Andaman. The sweet sensation of the coconut milk & the spicy curry completed the entire scenario. Every sunset witnessed had its own little fable to spell. Thailand was a mystic place, drenched in vibrant hues.

Authentic culture in Thailand acts like a tourist magnet. One could witness the austerity in the air every moment, could mingle up with the ecstatic wildlife comprising iconic elephants, the prominent tiger, or could date with the variety of tempting cuisines. There are exotic spice plantations with fresh aroma. The best among all was the orientation about the Thai Red Curry Chicken Recipe, where chefs had impressive culinary skills to win over our tongues. I saw gleeful foreigners at every corner, having immense fun. I believe Thailand is the true definition of Pleasure.

Upon my visit to Bangkok, I sensed something really baffling, for it was a recipe of ecstasy & adventure. Yes, adventure of negotiating with local Thai vendors & joy of affording the unaffordable. Dotted with skyscrapers, teeming with shopping complexes occupied with tourists, Bangkok is surely an appealing destination. It boasts of its ultra-modern attire caped upon the antiquated traditions. Yes, it is relatable to an old wine trapped in a new bottle. Bangkok features the best among the best of attractions, that is must for every keen traveller.

Well, Thailand is also popular for its enthralling beaches & appealing nightlife. The horizons blushed at the handsome waters of the Andaman. The sands smirked at the shy moon spreading its white wisdom, reflecting its stored virtues on the small pebbles resting against the clear waters. The waves hurdled through the feet of their admirers, later tickling the seashells, exposing the gleaming jewels hidden underneath. I stood under the shade of the tall palms, sipping native Tom Kha Khai (Chicken with coconut soup) & eating the aromatic coconut rice. The breezy mornings drifted me into a state of divine pleasure. It is an open secret that Thailand is popular for its extensive nightlife. It is no surprise that you can easily grab a cheap drink at a rock bar amid the dazzles & dances of the light. Ironically a marooned person would be the luckiest in Thailand.

A striking feature about the nation which comes to my mind is about its secularism & culture. People of all castes, religions & traditions live together without any controversies & conflicts. People of various ethnic groups like Tamil, Malay, Russian & Chinese have settled over here. They now regard Thailand as their ancestral home. Bangkok boasts of the world’s largest reclining Buddha statue which leaves every viewer startled. Such a creation of man deserves enough appraisal. Bangkok has a little India street & Tibetan Market. Various monasteries add to the beauty of the place. People are soft spoken; peace loving & are teeming with generosity.

I staunchly believe that stories from Thailand are certainly endless. It is not possible to scribble down all the experiences on one piece of paper, but surely the memories will be cherished with me until my grave.

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